Lums NOP Scholarship Fully Funded Scholarship for Undergraduates

The Lums NOP Scholarship for Undergraduates is a remarkable opportunity for Pakistani scholars seeking fully funded undergraduate scholarships. With 1380 scholarships available, this initiative caters to students across 145 cities, aiming to eliminate financial barriers to quality education.

How to get Scholarship in Pakistan

Lums NOP Scholarship

Scholarship Details

Scholarship Name:Lums AO Scholarship
Number of Scholarships:1380
Coverage:Tuition fees, residence expenses, academic materials
Eligibility:Pakistani students pursuing Bachelor Degree Programs
Disciplines:Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Law, Education
Application Deadline:11 11 July 2024 12,

Empowering Academic Excellence at LUMS

The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), ranked 111th in Asia, is committed to academic excellence and inclusivity. Regardless of financial background, LUMS welcomes deserving students, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. The scholarship covers various disciplines, including Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Law, and Education.

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Application Process

The application process begins with registration and coaching sessions starting from 11 11 July 2024 12. Applicants undergo a Standard Aptitude Test (SET) conducted by LUMS, serving as a benchmark for selection. Prospective students must meet academic criteria and demonstrate financial need. A compelling personal statement outlining academic goals, aspirations, and reasons for applying is crucial.

Successful candidates will be notified by 11 11 July 2024 – 11 July 2024 , with admissions for the academic year 2025 thereafter. To apply, candidates must complete the online application form, providing accurate personal, academic, and financial details, along with references and a well-crafted personal statement.

Transformative Opportunity

The Lums AO Scholarship offers a transformative opportunity for aspiring undergraduates in Pakistan to pursue academic dreams without financial constraints. By investing in education, LUMS and sponsoring organizations aim to nurture future leaders and scholars, driving positive change in society. Passionate individuals eager to pursue higher education are encouraged to seize this opportunity and apply for the Lums AO Scholarship today.

In conclusion, the Lums AO Scholarship stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Pakistani undergraduates aspiring to achieve academic excellence. With its fully funded support covering tuition fees, residence expenses, and academic materials, this scholarship aims to break down financial barriers and empower students from diverse backgrounds.


The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), renowned for its commitment to inclusivity and academic rigour, opens its doors to deserving scholars, offering a wide array of disciplines to pursue. Through a rigorous application process, including a Standard Aptitude Test and a compelling personal statement, candidates have the chance to demonstrate their academic potential and aspirations.

Successful applicants will not only receive financial support but also become part of a community dedicated to driving positive change in society. The Lums AO Scholarship represents more than just financial aid. It signifies an investment in future leaders and scholars who will contribute to shaping a brighter tomorrow. Protection Status