KMA Education Board Admission (April 2024)

The KMA Education Board Girls & Boys Primary School Admission 2024 is officially open, and whether you’re a tiny tot or a high school hopeful, excitement’s in the air! This year’s intake promises a wave of fresh changes, from updated curriculums and tech-infused classrooms to a holistic focus on student well-being. 

But before you get application form jitters, take a deep breath – this blog is your ultimate KMA admissions handbook! We’ll guide you through every step, from eligibility criteria and deadlines to exam tips and document checklists.

KMA Education Board Admission

KMA Girls & Boys Primary School Age Criteria for Admissions 2024-25
Montessori1st October 2020 – 30th September 2021
Prep I1st October 2019-30th September 2020
Prep II1st October 2018 – 30th September 2019
Class II1st October 2016 – 30th September 2017
Class III1st October 2015 – 30th September 2016
Class IV1st October 2014 – 30th September 2015
Class V1st October 2013-30th September 2014

So grab your pencils, young scholars, and let’s navigate the exciting world of KMA Admissions 2024 together! Registration Link will be available on

  1. KMA Boys & Girls Primary School Prospectus
  2. KMA Boys & Girls Secondary School Prospectus
  3. KMA Girls Degree College Prospectus

Ditch the paper chase and embrace the digital revolution! KMA Education Board’s 2024 admissions are now open and accessible from the comfort of your home. Simply navigate to their sleek online platform and unlock a world of academic possibilities.

Gone are the days of long queues and missed deadlines – streamline your application process with easy-to-fill forms and convenient document upload. admission 2023 Registration Schedule 2024-25

Date, DayTimeSectionClass
15th January, Monday9:30 AMGirlsII To V
16th January, Tuesday9:30 AMBoysII To V
17th January, Wednesday9:30 AMGirlsPrep I & Prep II
18th January, Thursday9:30 AMBoysPrep I & Prep II
19th January, Friday9:30 AMGirlsMontessori
20th January, Saturday9:30 AMBoysMontessori

Parents, prepare your aspiring scholars and future Olympiads! KMA’s doors are open, welcoming students of all grades to embark on a journey of excellence. Apply online today and step onto a path filled with limitless potential.

KMA Education Board Admission

But wait! Time flies when young minds are soaring. Don’t miss the chance to ignite your daughter’s curiosity with the KMA Education Board’s Montessori (Girls) program. Applications close soon, so spark her early love for learning by applying online now!

Before diving into forms and exams, take a deep breath. This guide will be your compass, navigating you through every step of the admissions process:

1. Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet the requirements for your desired grade level.

2. Application Deadlines: Mark your calendar and avoid last-minute stress!

3. Entrance Exams: Practice makes perfect! Conquer those tests with confidence.

4. Required Documents: Get organized and prepare all necessary paperwork.

Ready to launch your academic journey? Download the school prospectuses for your desired path:

  • KMA Boys & Girls Primary School Prospectus
  • KMA Boys & Girls Secondary School Prospectus
  • KMA Girls Degree College Prospectus

Visit admission 2024 for the complete Registration Schedule 2024-25. Protection Status