Bad News for Aiou Students: Degree Fees Increase Again

In this article, we’ll discuss the recent fee adjustments made by the university, providing comprehensive details to keep you informed.

Degree Fees Increase Again

The university has recently announced adjustments to its fee structure, although there hasn’t been an increase in admission fees. Notably, changes have been made to degree fees, which may come as a surprise to some students.

Degree Fees Increase Again

Breakdown of Changes

Previously, Matric and F.I.Com fees differed, but now both stand at 00 for a standard degree. Matriculation fees have risen to 800, while F.I.Com fees are now 8800 for a regular degree. Urgent degree fees have also been revised, increasing significantly from 800 to 1000, along with adjustments for BA and BCom degrees from 1600 to 2000.

Impact on Various Classes

These adjustments apply to a range of classes, including BEd, BS, and Master’s degrees, with fees revised from 2400 to 3000 for urgent degrees.

Quick Details Table:

Fee TypePrevious AmountRevised Amount
Urgent Degree8001000
BA/BCom Urgent16002000
Other Degrees24003000

Actionable Information for Students

Students must act promptly, particularly regarding fee payment and degree applications. While existing students may have applied under the old fee structure, new applicants will be subject to the revised fees.


In conclusion, while the university hasn’t signalled widespread fee increases, students need to stay informed about these changes. Timely application and fee payment are essential to avoid any complications. For further updates and information, stay tuned to our channel.

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