Aiou Degree Notification: Semester Khazan 2024 Updates

A recent university notification outlines crucial updates regarding admissions and degree issuance for Semester Khazan 2024, impacting prospective and current students. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the key points discussed in the notification.

Admission Timeline

The notification specifies the admission schedule for various programs. Matric FI Aakma admissions commence on 15th June, while BA, BCom, and BS admissions open in July. B.Ed admissions, on the other hand, begin in September, marking the commencement of Semester Khazan 2024.

AIOU Important Notification | AIOU Old Program Band

Degree Issuance Simplification

One significant change highlighted in the notification is the streamlined process for degree issuance. Students completing their respective courses within the academic year 2024 will no longer need to apply separately for their degrees. Instead, the university will automatically process and dispatch the degrees upon completion, alleviating the need for manual applications.

Eliminating Administrative Hassles

By implementing this automated degree issuance system, the university aims to eliminate administrative burdens and streamline the process for students. This proactive approach signifies a departure from traditional methods, where students often encountered delays and bureaucratic hurdles in obtaining their degrees.

Clarification on Degree Application

The notification clarifies that students who have completed their coursework in previous years and are yet to receive their degrees must apply for them. This applies particularly to those who completed their studies before Semester Khazan 2024. However, for students currently enrolled and expected to complete their degrees within 2024, the university will handle the degree issuance process automatically.

Aiou Weekly Update 2024 (24 Feb -28 Feb)

Online Application Option

While emphasising the simplified degree issuance process, the notification encourages students to utilise online platforms for degree applications. However, it acknowledges the preference of some students for physical applications and assures them that both options are available.


In conclusion, the university’s notification regarding Semester Khazan 2024 brings significant changes aimed at enhancing efficiency and convenience for students. By automating the degree issuance process and providing clarity on application procedures, the university aims to facilitate a smoother academic journey for its students. This proactive approach reflects the institution’s commitment to adapting to modern practices and prioritising student welfare.

Key PointsDetails
Admission CommencementMatric FI Aakma: 15th June <br> BA, BCom, BS: July <br> B.Ed: September
Degree Issuance ProcessAutomatic for students completing degrees within 2024
Application MethodOnline applications are encouraged, and physical applications accepted
Administrative SimplificationStreamlined process to eliminate bureaucratic hurdles
Clarification on Degree ApplicationStudents completing before 2024 must apply; automatic for 2024 completers Protection Status