AIOU Important Notification | AIOU Old Program Band

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has recently issued a notification regarding the closure of certain old programs, causing concern among students about which programs are affected. In this article update, we’ll delve into the details of the changes and guide what steps students should take.

AIOU Old Program Band

The university has clarified that it is not closing programs arbitrarily; rather, it is updating its offerings. Specifically, the BA BCom program, considered outdated, is being phased out. Students currently enrolled in BA BCom have until 2024 to complete their degrees under the old program.

Transition to New Programs

Moving forward, AIOU is replacing BA BCom with the BA Associate Degree program. This shift aligns with modern educational standards and ensures that students receive up-to-date qualifications. Consequently, students currently pursuing BA BCom should transition to the BA Associate Degree program for continued academic progression.

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Action for Current Students

For existing students in BA BCom, the priority is to complete their studies by 2024. Following this, they should consider enrolling in the BA Associate Degree program to fulfil their educational goals. The university will facilitate this transition, and students should monitor admission openings in March for opportunities to switch programs.

Future Prospects

Students aiming for further education, such as pursuing a master’s degree, should be aware of the changing landscape. The completion of BA BCom or the BA Associate Degree program lays the foundation for advanced studies. AIOU expects to conclude all current programs by 2025, indicating a timeline for students to plan their academic journeys accordingly.


In conclusion, while the closure of old programs may initially cause concern, it represents AIOU’s commitment to providing relevant and high-quality education. Students are encouraged to stay informed about program changes, adhere to deadlines for completion, and consider future academic pathways. By embracing these changes, students can ensure their educational endeavours remain aligned with evolving standards and opportunities.

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Quick Details Table

Affected ProgramsBA BCom
Replacement ProgramBA Associate Degree
Transition DeadlineCompletion of BA BCom by 2024
Admission Transition PeriodMonitor openings in March for BA Associate Degree program
Expected Program ConclusionAll current programs to conclude by 2025

This update aims to provide clarity and guidance to students affected by the program changes at AIOU, facilitating a smooth transition and continued academic progress. Protection Status