1500 Bond Result Today: Today’s Prize Bond Result

1500 Bond Result Today On 11 11 July 2024 15, , at 6 PM, the National Savings of Pakistan is set to announce the results of the 1500 Prize Bond Draw 97, which will take place in Lahore. Prize bonds are interest-free securities issued in series, essentially a lottery regulated by central banks. The draw, conducted by the State Bank of Pakistan, offers lucrative prizes to lucky winners every quarter. This draw includes a first prize of PKR 3,000,000 awarded to one winner, three second prizes of PKR 1,000,000 each, and numerous third prizes worth PKR 18,500 each, totalling 1696 prizes.

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Highlights of 1500 Prize Bond List

  • Draw Date: 11 11 July 2024 15,
  • Prize Bond Value: PKR 1500
  • Location: Lahore
  • First Prize: PKR 3,000,000
  • Second Prize: PKR 1,000,000 (each for three winners)
  • Third Prize: PKR 18,500 (for 1696 winners)

Importance of Prize Bonds

Prize bonds serve as a popular investment avenue in Pakistan due to their stability and potential returns. Investors essentially loan money to the government or the State Bank of Pakistan when purchasing prize bonds. The draw’s fairness and transparency are ensured by the SBP’s regulation of the process.

Quick Details Table:

Draw DateLocationPrize Bond ValueFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
11 11 July 2024 15, LahorePKR 1500PKR 3,000,000PKR 1,000,000PKR 18,500


The anticipation surrounding the 1500 Prize Bond Draw 97 results reflects the enthusiasm of investors. With the promise of significant rewards, individuals eagerly await the outcome, hoping to secure one of the lucrative prizes offered in this quarter’s draw.

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