Uos Admission Schedule (March 2024)

Uos Admission Schedule: The University of Sargodha (UOS) has unveiled the admission schedule for private MA, MSc, BA, BSc, and BCom programs for the year 2024. This release is pivotal for individuals aspiring to partake in the annual Part 1 and Part 2 examinations. The announcement has been widely disseminated through prominent national newspapers across Pakistan.

University of Sargodha Admission Schedule 2024

Admission Process Overview

Prospective applicants are advised to promptly obtain the MA and MSc admission application forms and ensure timely submission, with the deadline set for 14 December 2023. Essential details including admission guidelines, eligibility criteria, and fee structures are readily available on the university’s official website.

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Online Admissions and Eligibility

Eligibility criteria are paramount, requiring candidates to have completed their BA/BSc examinations from a recognized institution relevant to their intended field of study at the Master’s level. Online admission forms for both MA regular and private admissions are accessible, streamlining the application process.

Fee Structure Details

A comprehensive breakdown of the fee structure for various programs, including MA, MSc, and composite programs, is provided for the convenience of applicants. The expected fee for MA private programs in 2024 is approximately 41,000 PKR.

Uos Admission Schedule

Fee Structure Table

DegreeSingle FeeDouble FeeTriple Fee
MA Part 14350/-8100/-12150/-
MA Part 2/ MSc Part 14350/-8700/-13050/-
MSc Part 14650/-9100/-13650/-
MA Composite8050/-15300/-22950/-
MSc Composite8150/-16300/-24450/-

Application Procedure

The admission process involves obtaining the admission form and submitting the processing fee to the designated bank. Applicants can acquire the form from the HBL branch at Sargodha University or access it online through the university’s official website.

Required Documents

Applicants must ensure they have all necessary documents, including a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, CNIC or B-Form, domicile certificate, recent passport-size photographs, and a receipt for the application fee payment.

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Available Programs

A diverse array of programs is offered for private MA admissions at UOS, including disciplines such as Islamiyat, Punjabi, Sociology, Mathematics, Statistics, Persian, Arabic, Philosophy, French, Political Science, History, Urdu, and English.

Contact Information

For further inquiries, individuals can reach out to the University of Sargodha through the following channels:

  • Address: University of Sargodha, University Road, Sargodha.
  • Google Map Location: Link
  • Official Website: www.su.edu.pk
  • Official Email: info@su.edu.pk
  • Phone: +92-48-9230811-815

By adhering to the outlined procedures and guidelines, prospective students can navigate the admission process. Seamlessly and embark on their academic journey at the University of Sargodha.


In conclusion, the Uos Admission Schedule University of Sargodha’s admission schedule for private MA, MSc, BA, BSc, and BCom programs for 2024. The presents an invaluable opportunity for aspiring students across Pakistan. By providing comprehensive information and streamlined application procedures, the university aims to empower individuals to pursue higher education seamlessly.

With diligent adherence to the outlined eligibility criteria, fee structures, and application processes. Prospective students can embark on their academic journey with confidence. The diverse array of programs offered underscores the institution’s commitment to catering to a broad spectrum of academic interests. As individuals prepare to take this significant step towards their educational aspirations. The University of Sargodha stands ready to support and guide them towards a bright and fulfilling academic future.

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