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Discovering the world of scholarships is a journey, and we’ve explored various avenues—from Merit Scholarships to need-based financial aid. In this segment, we delve into a unique category: External Scholarships. These are independent of any specific university affiliation and come from third-party sources with specific eligibility criteria. Join us as we unveil five such scholarships tailored for International students aspiring to pursue their education in the United States.

1. Next Genius Scholarship

  • Overview: Established in 2014, Next Genius is a charitable trust based in India.
  • Eligibility: Open to students from Bangladesh, Nepal, and India for undergraduate studies in the US.
  • Funding: Over $38 million awarded in scholarships with most being full-tuition scholarships for a four-year undergraduate degree.
  • Application Process: Four-round application process, including interviews and video conversations.
  • Partner Universities: Notable institutions include Circus University, TCU, and the University of San Francisco.

2. You Are Welcome Here Scholarship

  • Origins: Originating as a social media campaign in 2016, this scholarship promotes diversity and a safe environment for international students.
  • Participating Institutions: Over 300 institutions participate, including Adelphia University, Florida Institute of Technology, and Temple University.
  • Award: Minimum 50% tuition fee scholarship for successful applicants.
  • Application Requirement: Submit a short essay or a multimedia project showcasing leadership skills.

3. Zve Global Scholarship

  • Provider: Z, a company offering Education Loans and credit cards to international students in the US.
  • Award: Up to $25,000 in scholarship funds.
  • Eligibility: Open to both undergraduate and graduate students studying in the US.
  • Intake: Currently open for the spring term.

4. Empower Global Citizen Scholarship

  • Issuer: Empower, an education loan company.
  • Scholarship Value: Up to $110,000.
  • Variety: Empower offers a range of scholarships, including specific STEM scholarships and monthly opportunities.
  • Eligibility: Open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

5. Incognito Scholarship

  • Special Feature: An exciting surprise by Incognito Blueprints, offering scholarships worth up to $5,000.
  • Eligibility: Open to students pursuing undergraduate, Masters, or PhD degrees in the US for the fall 2024 intake.
  • Application Process: Free and straightforward with three rounds of selection.

Additional Mentions

Beyond these five, there are numerous external scholarships available. Some notable mentions include the Aakhan Foundation, Fullbright Neu Fellowship, and Inlx Scholarship. It’s crucial to note the distinctions between merit-based, need-based, and external scholarships to navigate the vast sea of opportunities accurately.

Bonus: Free Access to Scholarship Database

To further support your scholarship quest, I’ve compiled a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet with over 20 scholarships. Access it for free in the Ivy League 101 Sneak Peek Portal on Incognito Blueprints.


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