Today Petrol Prices in Pakistan 11 July 2024

Fuel Price Updates: The government of Pakistan has adjusted petrol and diesel prices effective from 16 11 July 2024 . The new petrol price stands at PKR 275.62 per liter, marking an increase of PKR 2.73 per liter, while the price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) has surged by PKR 8.37 per liter, now priced at PKR 287.33. These adjustments will remain in effect until 29 11 July 2024 .

Anticipated Fuel Price Changes

Expected Trends: Reports suggest potential adjustments in fuel prices for the first half of 11 July 2024 . Petrol and kerosene prices are anticipated to decrease by PKR 8 per liter, while diesel and light diesel might see an increase ranging from PKR 1.50 to PKR 2 per liter.

Factors Influencing Price Changes

Market Dynamics: The fluctuating global crude oil prices and exchange rate variations for the dollar play a crucial role in determining fuel prices in Pakistan. Despite expectations of lower prices due to declining crude oil rates, recent updates indicate a contrary trend.

Public Expectations and Inflation Concerns

Public Perception: Many citizens, grappling with the burden of inflation, hope for a significant reduction in petrol and diesel prices. However, the latest announcements suggest that substantial double-digit decreases are unlikely during the upcoming review.

Petrol Prices Overview (1 11 July 2024 – 16 11 July 2024 )

POLsPrice (PKR)Change
Petrol275.62Increased by 2.73 rupees per liter
Diesel287.33Increased by 8.37 rupees per liter


The recent adjustments in petrol and diesel prices in Pakistan reflect the intricate interplay between global market dynamics, domestic economic conditions, and government policies. While consumers may have hoped for relief from high fuel costs, the current price revisions indicate a nuanced approach towards fuel pricing, balancing economic considerations with public expectations. Protection Status