The result of the assembly is from PS37 Javed Iqbal of People’s Party from Nazirabad. This non-government is successful with 7033 votes The result is Independent candidate Inayat Ali If you are at second place with 2492 votes Javed Iqbal of Pakistan Peoples Party P. S.

37 Shaheed Bey Nazirabad From here he Got 7383 votes in all levels of polling The station’s result is the unofficial result. While the independent candidate of PTI Himayat Yafta candidate lost this Nishi And Javed of Pakistan Peoples Party Iqbal won the match.

The recent election in PS-37 Nazirabad witnessed the victory of Javed Iqbal from the People’s Party. The non-government candidate secured 7033 votes, emerging as the winner in the assembly.

Key Candidates and Results

  • Winner: Javed Iqbal (People’s Party) – 7033 votes
  • Runner-up: Inayat Ali (Independent) – 2492 votes

Detailed Analysis Javed Iqbal, representing the People’s Party, clinched victory with a significant margin, garnering 7033 votes. Inayat Ali, an independent candidate, secured the second position with 2492 votes.

Election Outcome Javed Iqbal’s victory in PS-37 Nazirabad is noteworthy, reflecting the preferences of the electorate in the constituency. The unofficial results from polling stations indicate a clear win for Javed Iqbal.

Conclusion The election outcome in PS-37 Nazirabad underscores the success of Javed Iqbal from the People’s Party, signifying a mandate from the constituents in favor of his candidacy.

Javed IqbalPeople’s Party70383
Inayat AliIndependent20492

Quick Details:

  • Location: PS-37 Nazirabad
  • Winning Candidate: Javed Iqbal (People’s Party)
  • Runner-up: Inayat Ali (Independent)
  • Total Votes: 9525
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