PP-149, IPP Candidate Aleem Khan wins

In the recent 2024 election, the spotlight fell on PP 149 in Lahore, where Abdul Aleem Khan of the IPP clinched victory with 51756 votes, while independent candidate Zeeshan Rashid, backed by Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf, garnered 4799 votes, marking his defeat.

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Election Outcome in PP 149 Lahore

The IPP candidate Abdul Aleem Khan emerged victorious in PP 149 Lahore with a significant margin, securing 51756 votes, whereas the independent contender, Zeeshan Rashid, suffered a defeat, accumulating only 4799 votes.

Detailed Election Results

Abdul Aleem KhanIPP51756
Zeeshan RashidIndependent4799


The electoral dynamics in PP 149 Lahore witnessed the triumph of Abdul Aleem Khan from the IPP, who garnered 51756 votes, surpassing the independent candidate Zeeshan Rashid, who managed to secure only 4799 votes.

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