PB6: Sardar Masood Ali Khan of PML-N Win

Let us share one more result with you. This is PB6 from Noon League Candidates. Sardar Masood Ali Khan is successful from here.

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And you can see their votes, they voted. Have achieved this success from here whereas Independent candidate Anwar Mohammad Anwar has 9799 votes.

from here and is at second place whereas Masood Ali Khan has 10 375 votes.

In the recent election, Sardar Masood Ali Khan, a candidate from the Noon League, secured victory in PB6. He garnered 10,375 votes, clinching the top position. Anwar Mohammad Anwar, an independent candidate, trailed behind with 9,799 votes, securing the second position.

Quick Details:

Sardar Masood Ali KhanNoon League10,375
Anwar Mohammad AnwarIndependent9,799


In the electoral contest for PB6, Sardar Masood Ali Khan emerged victorious as the candidate representing the Noon League. He obtained a total of 10,375 votes, solidifying his position as the winner. His victory underscores the support he garnered from the electorate within the constituency.

Contrary to Masood Ali Khan’s success, Anwar Mohammad Anwar, an independent candidate, secured the second position. Despite a commendable performance with 9,799 votes, Anwar fell short of overtaking Masood Ali Khan’s lead. Nonetheless, his significant vote count reflects a notable level of support from the electorate.

The election results signify the diverse political landscape within PB6, with candidates representing different parties and ideologies vying for victory. The competition between Masood Ali Khan and Anwar Mohammad Anwar showcases the democratic process in action, wherein individuals have the opportunity to choose their representatives based on their policies and visions for the constituency.

Moving forward, the elected candidate, Sardar Masood Ali Khan, is expected to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to him by the electorate. His victory symbolizes the faith placed in him by the voters, and he is tasked with addressing their concerns and advocating for their interests within the legislative framework.

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