Pakistan National Elections 2024 Results Table

Vijarat Uma Se Mutalik Peoples Party Sabko Sabik Vipak’s minister Faisal will squeeze Bawaj says there are 35 such independent candidates. Those who have no connection with PTI 60 representatives are ready for sale If Nawaz Sharif has to rule for 6 months If Vajiram ban rate is to be run for six months then.

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Then you minus the People’s Party He won with some movies embarrassed to speak embarrassed Embarrassed, he accepted our Talk and call Jazi Saheb, The People’s Party To say that he is Prime Ministership If we can’t reach this, this is also a possibility. but I don’t care as much as I understand.

The rest will be decided by his party. But short of prime minister all that Will squeeze your freedom from him Actual figure is 35 so those are the people who Whose taluk is far away from PTI Actually Azad is good, at least half out of 6.

Goat lying in the field for sale It’s been six months since I started standing in the street. If you want to rule then you will curse Nawaz Sharif Sahab.

Give if you want to run for one and a half year or two years If you want to run then Nawaz Sharif Saab Prime If there is a minister in the horoscope then Daughter will not be CM if daughter is CM so PM.

Election Commission Punjab Assembly 297 Out of 295 non-governmental organizations, Nataji Noon League in Subai Assembly of Punjab Independent candidates are second in the lead Noon League 131 Independent candidates.

With Nishi People’s Party succeeded at 126, 10 more Calf League took eight seats in this section Pakistan party two PM L Jaya and TL One seat was declared successful on one basis But the elections were postponed only for one reason.

NISHAS result is yet to come Of the 115 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khawa Assembly 112’s According to Nataji Taiz, Azad 90 JUI Phase Seven Muslim League Noon Five and People’s The party has succeeded on four counts:

Islami Teen Navami National Party and Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Parliamentarians One seat was successful after each defeat Natai is yet to come, waiting on two drunks have been postponed 45 out of 51 marks of Balochistan Assembly Of Nataji.

People’s Party Surrey with 11 Nishus Farris Hai Nun League Na J Ui F Aa and Azad BP has succeeded on six and NP on four. Balochistan National has got two marks Party BNPA and Jamaat Islami one each Now Majeed seven have been successful in Nishi Nishi’s time is yet to come Is.

Quick Details Table

Key PlayersPeoples Party, PTI, Nataji Noon League
Independent CandidatesApproximately 35, potentially influential
Transitional ScenariosPotential six-month rule by Nawaz Sharif’s party
Election ResultsPunjab: Nataji Noon League leading, Peoples Party gains significant seats; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: mixed results; Balochistan: awaiting outcomes
Political ManeuveringLeveraging anti-Nawaz sentiment, considering various tenure lengths


The current political climate in Pakistan is characterized by intricate negotiations, with parties vying for strategic positions and alliances to shape the future leadership landscape. The outcome of these deliberations will significantly impact the country’s governance and political trajectory in the coming months.

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