Pakistan Election Result 2024 live: This is The Third Blast Reported Today 24 killed

All over Pakistan, after the start of voting, the internet and mobile networks were ordered to be shut down General election.

Voting opens at 8 am (03:00 GMT) and closes at 5 pm (noon GMT). According to the rules of the Election Commission, voting may be extended in some areas.

Voters will cast their ballots for two MPs to represent their constituency – one federal and one provincial.

5121 candidates are contesting for the federal legislature and 12695 for the provinces.

one thousandThe Great Uprising The main opposition party and its leader, the former prime minister Imran Khan raised concerns that the elections would not be free and fair.

At least 24 people were killed in two strikes Political offices of candidates in Balochistan province on Wednesday.

The News Team was prevented from entering the polling station

Police officials stationed at a polling station in Lahore barred a News Team from entering, citing orders from “higher management” to not allow a media team inside.

Amid widespread concerns about fraud and fraud, the Election Commission of Pakistan has issued special passes to observers and reporters that allow them to “go to polling stations and offices to vote and collect results.” go”.
Voters are strictly prohibited from carrying cell phones inside.

It was reported that two people were killed in another explosion

We are receiving reports that two security officers have been killed and nine others injured in an explosion outside a polling station in southwestern Pakistan.

An official of Pakistan’s Levies paramilitary force in Baluchistan province said in a text message to the media, “There was an explosion in Laja city, due to which two of our people were killed and nine others were injured.”
This is the third explosion today.

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