Pakistan Election 2024 live : When will ECP Announce Complete Election Results for 2024

When will ECP officially announce the full results of 2024 elections? The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will announce the official results of all 859 constituencies of tribal and provincial assemblies on Friday, February 9. Speaking to the APP, the spokesperson of the Election Commission said that they have completed all the arrangements for the elections, tomorrow there will be free, fair and transparent elections in the whole country. In addition, printing of 260 million ballot papers for all constituencies has also been completed. The spokesman said that the ballot papers of the National Assembly are printed on green paper and the ballot papers of the provincial assembly are printed on white paper.

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When will ECP declare full election results for 2024

The media is full of hype about the elections in Pakistan and when the voting ends on the election day, everyone is expecting the same result. But the unofficial election results should be announced soon. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will announce the official results of all the National and Provincial Assembly seats on Friday, February 9. The ACP spokesperson told APP that they have finalized the arrangements for the local elections on the vacant day, and the general elections will be held across the country.

The final result of Pakistan General Election 2024 has been announced

He said that 260 million ballot papers were printed during this period. This is an increase of 54.74 percent in the number of voters compared to the previous election. Despite a 195% increase in demand for specialty papers, good management practices have resulted in a reduction from 2,400 tons to 2,177 tons. The printed ballot papers were divided by format as follows: 5% single-column, 50% two-column, 30% three-column, 11.15% four-column, and 2.4% five-column.

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