Pakistan Election 2024 Live Updates: ‘Army is doing pre-election engineering,

Pakistan Elections 2024 Live Update: Women stand in a queue as they vote at a polling station during Pakistan’s national elections on February 8, 2024, in Lahore. Awaiting voting. Millions of Pakistanis began voting on February 8 in an election marred by blackmail. Poll rigging, the country’s most popular politician in jail and the military’s favourite candidate announced the win.

Pakistan Elections 2024 Live Update: Voting begins in Pakistan on Thursday for parliamentary elections amid militant attacks and allegations of electoral malpractice, raising concerns about the integrity of the vote and deepening political tensions. The possibility of forming a coalition government due to divisions.

Meanwhile, Pakistan suspended mobile phone services across the country on Thursday, underscoring the need to maintain order amid expected unrest surrounding the disputed election.

About 18,000 candidates are standing for the seats of the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies. Forty-four political parties are competing for seats in the National Assembly. There is competition in 266 seats of the National Assembly, while 70 other seats are up for grabs. are reserved for the National Assembly. Women and minorities.

The country’s 90,000 polling stations are open from 8:00 am (0300 GMT) to 5:00 pm with more than 650,000 military, paramilitary and police personnel providing security.

On the other hand, elections have been postponed due to the death of candidates in one tribal and three provincial assembly constituencies. These include NA-8 (Bajor), PK-22 (Bajor), PK-91 (Kohat) and PP-266 (Rahimyar Khan). Elsewhere voters will cast two votes each — one for each of the two assemblies.

After the election, the newly elected parliament will appoint the Prime Minister. If no party gets a majority, the party with the largest number of seats in the Assembly can form a coalition government.

However, the next government will face difficult challenges, including managing internal unrest, dealing with a severe economic crisis, and combating illegal immigration.

Inflation has soared to nearly 30 percent over the past three years as the rupee has depreciated, and a significant current account deficit has led to a freeze in imports that has hampered significant industrial development.

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