Pakistan Election 2024 live : Haripur NA-18 Election Result 2024 Candidates List Announced

The NA-18 National Assembly Constituency witnessed a significant event on February 8, 2024, as it hosted the general election. This article provides detailed insights into the election results, candidates, voter turnout, and other pertinent information regarding the electoral process in NA-18 Haripur.

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Election Date and Declaration

The general election in NA-18 Haripur took place on February 8, 2024. The official declaration of the NA-18 Election Result 2024 is scheduled to be announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan on the same day, expectedly by midnight, with a predicted time of 11:30 PM.

Contesting Candidates

Viewing the full list of contesting candidates for Haripur (NA-18) is facilitated on this platform. Notably, in the 2024 election, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) did not participate directly. Instead, its endorsed candidates are running as independents, thus adding an intriguing dynamic to the electoral landscape.

Haripur NA-18 Election Result Details

Title: Haripur NA-18 Election Result
Halqa: NA-18 Haripur
Election Date: 08 February 2024
Result: Click Here
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Detailed Analysis of Election Results

For a comprehensive understanding of the NA-18 Election Result 2024, it is imperative to delve into various aspects such as the list of candidates, voter demographics, and turnout.

List of Candidates

The electoral process entails scrutiny of the complete roster of candidates vying for representation in NA-18 Haripur. This scrutiny encompasses examining the affiliations of candidates with respective political parties or their decision to contest as independents.

Voter Registration and Turnout

An integral aspect of any election is the participation of registered voters. In the NA-18 Constituency, the number of registered voters is a pivotal statistic, indicating the potential electorate size. Furthermore, analyzing the turnout, both in terms of percentage and gender distribution, provides insights into civic engagement and electoral dynamics.

Additional Insights

In addition to the NA-18 Haripur Election Result, this platform offers access to pertinent information regarding the broader electoral landscape in the region. Specifically, data regarding the election results for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) assembly constituencies of Haripur, including PK-46, PK-47, and PK-48, is available for scrutiny and analysis.

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To enhance accessibility and visibility, the following table offers quick details summarizing key aspects of the Haripur NA-18 Election Result 2024:

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TitleHaripur NA-18 Election Result
HalqaNA-18 Haripur
Election Date08 February 2024
ResultClick Here


The NA-18 Election Result 2024 holds significance not only for the constituents of Haripur but also for the broader political landscape of Pakistan. By providing a detailed analysis of the election outcome, this article aims to offer clarity and insight into the democratic process within the NA-18 National Assembly Constituency.

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