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The OEC Result Merit List Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) plays a crucial role in facilitating the emigration of Pakistani manpower for employment opportunities abroad. As of the year , the OEC has announced results, merit lists, and other important information related to job opportunities in Korea. This article will provide an extensive overview of the OEC’s initiatives, results, and processes, focusing on the year .

Introduction to OEC:

The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) is a company limited by shares incorporated under the Companies Act of 1913 as a private limited concern. The organization’s main objective is to promote the emigration of Pakistani manpower for employment abroad.

The OEC aims to provide competent, reliable, and cost-effective human resources to the international labor market while assisting in the recruitment procedures and meeting the specific demands of various hiring countries.

OEC Result and Merit List:

In the year , the OEC released the results and merit lists for successful candidates. To access this information, applicants are directed to visit the official website at www.oec.gov.pk. A direct link to view the OCE result and merit list is provided, and candidates are required to fill in their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) to access the information on jobs.oec.gov.pk.

1.Accounts ClerkCheck Result
2.AssistantCheck Result
3.Audiometry TechnicianCheck Result
4.Charge HandCheck Result
5.Civil EngineerCheck Result
6.Computer OperatorCheck Result
7.Electrical EngineerCheck Result
8.GP DoctorCheck Result
9.HTV DriverCheck Result
10.Land SurveyorCheck Result
11.Light DriverCheck Result
12.NurseCheck Result
13.Packing StaffCheck Result
14.RadiologistCheck Result
15.Road SurveyorCheck Result
16.Security SupervisorCheck Result
17.Shuttering CarpenterCheck Result
18.Steel FixerCheck Result

Candidates need to verify their scores to determine if they have completed the screening test, making them eligible for OEC jobs in under OEC supervision. The merit list for successful applicants is available on the official website, providing transparency and acknowledgment for those who have qualified.

OEC Pre-Registration Result:

After completing an online application, candidates are advised to read the voting schedule and take the Korean test in the language. The OEC conducts a free online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) test as part of the screening process.

Information about the pre-registration result for the year is made available on the official website, ensuring that candidates stay informed about their application status.

OEC Balloting Result :

In , the OEC organized jobs for the country of Korea. The announcement of applications and the subsequent balloting results for these positions is a significant event.

Applicants are encouraged to visit the official website to check the final results, eliminating the need to look for job opportunities in other countries.

The OEC’s efficient organization of the entire process from application to results ensures a seamless experience for candidates.

OEC Lucky Draw Result :

One of the primary reasons applicants seek positions through OEC is the attractive Salary Package in Korea, which includes additional charges for time, housing, and food.

The lucky draw result for the year is available for candidates to check on the official website. Those who find their names in the list must submit their personal information, further advancing the recruitment process.

OEC & Human Resource Development:

The OEC, in collaboration with the Human Resource Development Government of Pakistan, operates as a company limited by shares incorporated under the Companies Act 1913.

The Head Office of the Corporation is located at PMI Auditorium Building, Zero Point Islamabad, with regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta.

Training and Facilitation by OEC:

Apart from its role in recruitment, the OEC also provides numerous facilitations for job seekers who wish to work abroad.

A training system for the pre-departure of new workers and employees is arranged, ensuring that individuals are prepared for their overseas employment.

OEC serves as a reliable platform, offering legal job opportunities in foreign countries that have diplomatic relations with Pakistan, where Pakistani workers receive competitive salaries.

OEC Result :

The main objective of the OEC is to promote the emigration of Pakistani manpower for employment abroad, providing competent, reliable, and cost-effective human resources to the international labor market.

The OEC also assists in the recruitment procedure, filling the specific demands of multiple hiring countries.

Facilitations for Job Seekers:

For those seeking employment opportunities abroad, the OEC has implemented various facilitations. These include a training system for pre-departure, ensuring that new workers and employees are well-prepared for their assignments.

OEC serves as a reliable platform, connecting Pakistani workers with legal and reputable job opportunities in foreign countries.

OEC Jobs Test Result :

Students and applicants can find comprehensive information regarding OEC Korea Jobs on the official website.

This includes the advertisement deadline for submitting applications, the application form, online application procedures, roll number slip test dates, previous papers, and the syllabus for written tests.

Additionally, there is an online MCQ test available for free, aiding candidates in their preparation.


OEC Result Merit List In conclusion, the Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) plays a vital role in facilitating the emigration of Pakistani manpower for employment opportunities abroad.

The results, merit lists, and various facilitations provided by the OEC in the year underscore the organization’s commitment to efficient and transparent recruitment processes. Job seekers are encouraged to visit the official website for the latest information on job opportunities, results, and other relevant details.

The OEC’s efforts contribute to providing legal and rewarding employment opportunities for Pakistani citizens in foreign countries.

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