National Assembly Ke Sarkari Nataij Jari

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A message to Wahdat Muslimeen and PML Zia Awan has been found to form the government of Vifa 171 points are needed so far According to Taiz, any group can form the government. Didn’t manage to get plain Akt for I am free from this political party rule resort to ithad to make will have to.

The National Assembly comprises 265 members, with the Muslim League Noon holding the majority of seats. As of now, the Muslim League Noon has secured 71 seats, followed by the People’s Party with 53 seats.

Additionally, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan has won 17 seats, while three independent judges have also been elected. The Pakistan party has attained two seats, and Balochistan National Party Majlis has secured representation.

There is a message directed towards Wahdat Muslimeen and PML Zia Awan regarding the formation of the government. To establish a government, a minimum of 171 points is required. Any group that manages to gather this number of points can form the government.

In the absence of a clear majority, coalition-building becomes crucial for governance.


PartyNumber of Seats
Muslim League Noon71
People’s Party53
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Pakistan17
Independent Judges3
Pakistan party2
Balochistan National Party Majlis1

Government Formation:

To form a government, a coalition with at least 171 seats is necessary. Currently, no single party has reached this threshold. Therefore, alliances between parties such as Wahdat Muslimeen and PML Zia Awan might be explored to gather the required points for governance. This emphasizes the significance of coalition-building in the absence of a clear majority.

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