NA-71 Sialkot: Till now the most important result is from Sialkot And this is several hours later on NA 71 from Sialkot. The result has been released Khwaja Asif from here has succeeded.

He has secured 11566 votes whereas Independent candidate Rehana Dar here From 100272 votes have been taken when the initial results came. When we lived there, the situation was different, now when many It will be almost 24 hours after hours.

Now this result has come from Khawaja Asif from here All the polling stations have won The result is NA 71 Sialkot, all eyes are on this. was on Khwaja Asif took 118566 votes from here. Another successful result of Sialkot which It was very different initially, very different now If the difference is coming then brother I am going towards the panel. I will leave and then take this result.

NA-71 Sialkot

Election OutcomeWinner: Khwaja Asif
ConstituencyNA 71 (Sialkot)
Votes SecuredKhwaja Asif: 118,566
Rehana Dar: 100,272
StatusKhwaja Asif leads in all polling stations
Key ObservationSignificant shift in initial and final results

The results highlight the fluid nature of electoral processes and the importance of continuous observation to grasp the evolving political landscape accurately.

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