na 179 election result 2024

The results of NA 143 Independent candidate are being analyzed, with Chaudhary leading the race. Mohammad Phal Saheb secured 7191 votes. Independent candidates are prominent in the election, with Tufail Saab and Rai Hasan Nawaz also in contention.

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The results indicate a trend where independent candidates are likely to be in the top two, possibly affiliated with PTI. Asif Ali Zardari’s constituency is seeing a good lead for the People’s Party, with Bilawal Bhutto focusing campaign efforts in Sindh.

Despite traditional dominance by Asif Ali Zardari in the constituency, Bilawal Bhutto is making significant campaign efforts. In Haripur, Omar Ayub Khan, representing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, is leading with a substantial margin over opponents from other parties.

Quick Details Table:

Constituency/PartyCandidateVotes Obtained
NA 143 IndependentChaudhary
NA 143 IndependentMohammad Phal Saheb7191
NA 143 IndependentTufail Saab
NA 143 IndependentRai Hasan Nawaz Saheb7170
Shaheed Bay NazirabadAsif Ali Zardari5047
Shaheed Bay NazirabadIndependent Candidate4488
HaripurOmar Ayub Khan


The election results for NA 143 show a significant presence of independent candidates, with Chaudhary leading and Mohammad Phal Saheb securing a notable vote count.

The trend suggests independent candidates are likely to rank high, possibly associated with PTI. In Shaheed Bay Nazirabad, Asif Ali Zardari of the People’s Party is leading, emphasizing the party’s stronghold in the region despite Bilawal Bhutto’s campaign efforts.

In Haripur, Omar Ayub Khan of PTI maintains a considerable lead over competitors, indicating a traditional leaning towards the party in the constituency.

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