Pakistan election 2024 live: NA 114 General Election Result 2024

The NA 114 General Election Result 2024 Announcement will be made today 08 February 2024 at 7:00 PM. Complete and accurate official results of the general elections 2024 for NA-114 Sheikhupura II, with a breakdown of votes cast. Pakistan Election NA 114 Sheikhupura M.N.A. Provides details on all candidates’ names, party affiliations and voting records. Pakistan National Assembly seats in 2024 general elections. In the 2024 general elections, the MNA from N.A.-114 district Sheikhupura is elected by the votes cast for the Muslim League (N), TLP, PPP, and PTI candidates.

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NA 114 General Election Result 2024

NA 114 General Election Result 2024

On February 8, 2024, at 7:00 PM, the official results of the NA 114 General Election Result 2024 for NA-114 Sheikhupura II will be announced. This declaration will provide a comprehensive breakdown of votes cast, detailing the outcome of the election for the National Assembly constituency. The results will encompass information regarding all candidates, including their names, party affiliations, and voting records.

Overview of Pakistan National Assembly Seats in 2024

The 2024 general elections have determined the Member of National Assembly (MNA) for N.A.-114 district Sheikhupura based on votes garnered by candidates representing various political parties such as the Muslim League (N), TLP, PPP, and PTI.

Election Result Details for NA-114 Sheikhupura II, 2024

The electoral landscape of NA-114 Sheikhupura II is influenced by factors such as population dynamics and the prevailing political climate. The constituency encompasses a significant number of registered voters, comprising both male and female constituents.

NA-114 Sheikhupura II Election Result 2024 Details

Candidate NameParty NameSymbolTotal Votes
Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob SultanPTIAll Right
Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh HayatPMLNAAT
Alisha IftikharPPPPPP
Muhammad Asif MuawiyahTLPPSP
Muhammad Asrarul Haque CheemaIndependentIndependent
Haji Dawood KhanIndependentIndependent
Allah Dad KhanIndependentIndependent
Nadeem Mumtaz QureshiIndependentIndependent
Naveed Mukhtar Ahmad KhanIndependentIndependent

Analysis of Past Elections in NA-114 Sheikhupura

This article delves into the historical election results for NA-114 Sheikhupura, spanning from 2002 to 2018. Given the significant victory of PTI in the 2018 elections, the forthcoming results will indicate whether the party maintains its majority in the constituency.

NA 114 General Election Result 2024

The announcement of the 2024 general election results for NA-114 Sheikhupura II is highly anticipated, as it will shape the political landscape of the region. With a diverse array of candidates representing various parties and independents, the outcome of the election will reflect the democratic process in Pakistan.

Population and political climate may have an impact on this constituency and MNE. Population and political climate may have an impact on this constituency and MNE.

Sheikhupura Circle is NA 114. The following lists the number of people registered to vote in National Assembly Constituency NA-114 Sheikhupura: Female Voters, Male Voters in the 2024 General Election, and District Sheikhupura Voters in 2024.

NA-114 Sheikhupura II 2024 Election Result Details

Name of CandidatesParty namesymbolAll the votes
all right

NA-114 Sheikhupura II Election Result 2024

This article will examine the election results for NA-114 Sheikhupura, Pakistan, including 2002, 2008, 2013 and 2018. In light of PTI’s victory and subsequent dominance in the 2018 elections, let’s see if the Party gets a majority. Vote in the next election.

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Sheikhupura Election 2024

The results of NA 114 with all the details of the candidates for general elections in Sheikhupura have been announced. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Jamaat-e-Islami, and Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan Party intelligent and independent candidates with their vote data.

The following candidates from G.E. 2024 from N.A.114: Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan, Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, Alisha Iftikhar, Muhammad Asif Muawiyah, Muhammad Asrarul Haque Cheema, Haji Dawood Khan, Allah Dad Khan, Nadeem Mumtaz Qureshi, and Naveed Mukhtar Ahmad Khan.

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