Pakistan Election 2024 live: NA-10 Buner General Election Result 2024

The General Election Result for Murree NA-51 is eagerly anticipated, and scheduled to be announced on February 8, 2024. This constituency holds significance in Pakistan’s political landscape, contributing to the selection of members for both the National Assembly (MNA) and Provincial Assembly.

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NA-10 Buner General Election Result 2024

NA-10 Buner General Election Result 2024

Pakistan conducts general elections every five years, with multiple constituencies across the nation. Each constituency elects one MNA to represent it in the National Assembly, with variations in nomenclature based on regional divisions.

NA-10 Buner General Election Result 2024 live

The demographic and political environment plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of elections in constituencies like Murree NA-51. Factors such as population demographics, socio-economic indicators, and prevailing political sentiments influence the electoral dynamics significantly.

NA-51 Rawalpindi-cum-Murree Constituency

NA-51, also known as Rawalpindi-cum-Murree constituency, encompasses a diverse demographic profile. It is essential to analyze the composition of registered voters to comprehend the electorate’s characteristics effectively.

Registered Voters in NA-51

For the 2018 general election, the constituency witnessed a specific number of female and male registered voters. The district’s registered voters for the 2024 general election provide insights into any shifts or trends in voter registration over the years.

Chakwal NA-58 General Election Result 2024

While Murree NA-51 is under scrutiny, it is imperative to acknowledge other constituencies such as Chakwal NA-58, contributing to the broader electoral landscape of Pakistan.

NA-51 Candidates and Results

A diverse array of candidates vied for victory in NA-51, representing various political parties. It is crucial to analyze the performance of each candidate and their respective parties to gauge the electoral dynamics accurately.

2018 Election Results of NA-51

The 2018 NA-51 election witnessed the participation of nineteen candidates, including prominent figures like Qaisar Jamal from the PTI. A comprehensive overview of the election results, spanning multiple years, offers valuable insights into the electoral history of the constituency.

NA-51 Election Result 2024

The 2024 election results for NA-51 reveal Abdul Shakoor of MMA emerging victorious with 21,896 votes. His closest competitor, Qaisar Jamal of PTI, secured 18,689 votes in a closely contested race. A detailed analysis of the election report provides a nuanced understanding of the electoral landscape and outcomes.

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Quick Details Table

Candidate’s NameParty NameSymbolTotal Votes
Abdul ShakoorMMASymbol21,896
Qaisar JamalPTISymbol18,689


The Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024 reflects the culmination of a rigorous electoral process, shaped by various socio-political dynamics. The outcome underscores the significance of informed analysis and diligent scrutiny in understanding Pakistan’s electoral landscape comprehensively.

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