Pakistan Election 2024 live: Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024

The Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024 is scheduled to be announced on February 8, 2024. Pakistan conducts general elections every five years to elect members of both the National Assembly (MNA) and Provincial Assembly. Constituencies across Pakistan each have representation by one MNA in the National Assembly.

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Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024

Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024

NA-51, also known as Rawalpindi-cum-Murree constituency, is significant in the political landscape of Pakistan. It is essential to understand the demographic and political factors influencing this constituency and its MNA.

Voter Demographics

In the 2018 general election, the National Assembly Constituency NA-51 had a notable number of female registered voters. The total count of registered voters in the district for the 2024 general election is crucial in assessing the electoral dynamics. Here is a breakdown:

  • Female Registered Voters: [Insert Number]
  • Male Registered Voters: [Insert Number]

Candidates and Results

The election in NA-51 witnessed participation from various political parties. The competition is fierce, reflecting the diverse political landscape of the region. Here are the parties and their respective candidates for the 2024 election:

Candidate’s NameParty NameSymbolTotal Votes
Abdul ShakoorMMA[Symbol]21,896
Qaisar JamalPTI[Symbol]18,689
[Other Candidates][Party Affiliations][Respective Symbols][Vote Counts]

Historical Context: 2018 Results

In the 2018 NA-51 election, nineteen candidates vied for victory. Notable among them was PTI’s Qaisar Jamal. The election outcome was comprehensive, detailing the total votes cast, candidates’ party affiliations, and historical results from previous elections in 2008, 2002, and 2013.

Election Outcome Analysis

Abdul Shakoor of MMA emerged victorious in the NA-51 election of 2024 with 21,896 votes, defeating PTI’s Qaisar Jamal, who garnered 18,689 votes. The closely contested race underscores the competitive nature of the electoral process in this constituency.

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The NA-51 General Election Result 2024 provides valuable insights into the political dynamics of the Murree constituency. By examining voter demographics, candidate profiles, and historical trends, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of the electoral landscape in this region.

In summary, the outcome of the NA-51 election reflects the electorate’s preferences and the shifting political currents, shaping the future trajectory of governance in Pakistan.

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