Pakistan election 2024 live: Lodhran General Election Result 2024

Lodhran General Election Results 2024 The announcement will be made today, February 08, 2024, at 7:00 PM. Lodhran Election 2024 Results for National Assembly NA 154, and NA 155 can be checked here. The results of all the polling stations have been announced. The general election of 2024 in Pakistan will be held on February 8, 2024. The results of the NA 154, and NA 155 election 2024 will be declared officially on the official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

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Lodhran PP Elections 2024 Result

Lodhran General Election Results 2024

The Lodhran General Election Results for 2024 are scheduled to be announced today, February 8, 2024, at 7:00 PM. This announcement encompasses the outcomes of the elections for National Assembly constituencies NA-154 and NA-155. All polling station results have been declared, marking the culmination of the electoral process for these constituencies. The broader general election in Pakistan, inclusive of NA-154 and NA-155, took place on February 8, 2024. The official declaration of results for these constituencies will be accessible on the Election Commission of Pakistan’s official website.

Valley: Lodhran

Lodhran, the focal point of these election results, is situated within the region under scrutiny. It serves as the epicentre for electoral activity and holds significance in the context of the broader political landscape.

Election Date: 08 February 2024

The pivotal date of the election, February 8, 2024, marked the occasion for democratic participation and decision-making in Lodhran. This date signifies the culmination of the electoral process and the beginning of result announcements.

Lodhran PP Elections 2024 Result

The Provincial Assembly constituencies within Lodhran, including PP-225, PP-226, PP-227, and PP-228, contributed to the broader electoral landscape. These constituencies, integral to the provincial political framework, played a vital role in shaping the regional representation.

Lodhran NA 2024 Election Result

The National Assembly constituencies of NA-154 and NA-155 within Lodhran witnessed a significant electoral contest. The outcomes of these elections reflect the democratic aspirations and preferences of the constituents. The complete list of candidates, their respective vote tallies, demographic statistics such as total population and gender distribution, as well as voter turnout, will be available for scrutiny.

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For detailed insights into the Lodhran General Election Results 2024, including comprehensive data on NA-154 and NA-155, interested parties are encouraged to access the official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan. This platform serves as the authoritative source for accessing accurate and up-to-date electoral information.

The presentation of this electoral information is facilitated by AIOU Enrollment, ensuring accessibility and clarity in disseminating crucial electoral updates.

Quick Details Table:

Election TypeGeneral
Election Year2024
Announcement DateFebruary 8, 2024
Time of Announcement7:00 PM
ConstituenciesNA-154, NA-155, PP-225, PP-226, PP-227, PP-228
Official WebsiteElection Commission of Pakistan

This structured summary provides a comprehensive overview of the Lodhran General Election Results 2024, ensuring clarity and accessibility for interested stakeholders and online audiences.

There are 12 Punjab Assembly constituencies in Multan.

PP-225 Lodhran-I

PP-226 Lodhran-II

PP-227 Lodhran-III

PP-228 Lodhran-IV

You can check the election results for pp-225, pp-226, pp-227, pp-228 from this page.

Lodhran NA 2024 election result

View the complete list of candidates, the number of votes received by each candidate or party, the total population in constituencies NA-155 to NA-154, the total number of votes cast, the distribution of male and female voters, and the number of votes cast. Election 2024 Lodhara district has two seats in total in the National Assembly.

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