Kot Addu: Clash between Candidates’ supporters, 15 people injured in firing 11 July 2024

Far better news has reached us there is no news but it is being told that two Two of the candidates agreed The candidates fought with each other There are two in Tehsil Chowk Sarwar Shaheed Clash between candidates.

What happened is that the police have to say that 15 people were injured due to firing and batons and because of this polling was stopped.

There are four wounds and the condition is described as bad. Those who are going to be killed in Nester Hospital Have been made a free candidate for the fight Murtaza Rahim Khar and League candidate.

Amjad Happened during the Hamia of Abbas Chandia A DPO Syed Hasnain Haider and Rangers Ahal Please be informed that have reached the spot It is a matter of votes. Accordingly, there were some base words based on which I presented.

Two candidates are supporting him. There was a fight between court orders As a result firing took place and 15 people were hit with batons.

Afraad was injured after this speech. Polling has also been stopped after the case and The condition of having four wounds is considered to be bad.

Of the 15 who were admitted to Nishtar Hospital Battle Azad candidate has been sent Murtaza Rahim Khar and Noon Legi are candidates Amjad Abbas Chandia was here Happened during Hamia and after Rangers also reached DPO Syed Hasnain reached and they took notice of the matter and handle the situation took.

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