khurram dastgir election 2024 Result

Khurram Dastagir Saheb of Gujrawala Noon League Garh, his father, Ghulam Dastagir, Sahib He has also been doing politics here for a long time. The leader of the Noon League got the upper hand. Always win and win Are they winning now or not?

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Innocent question, about 70 polling stations We are telling you the result of 69 polling What is the result of the stations, see Khuram Dastagir Saheb is ahead and has taken 1968 votes.

But the thing is that those who are behind also Those who have taken 19334 votes are from PTI.

Candidate who is independent candidate Mohammad Mun this is the radio this is the radio this is And rum is right on the head of Dastagir Sahab.

It takes me anywhere Chucky 334 and 680 so the case has reached 22 percent But the difference is 3,400 votes. almost asleep 19334 vs 1968 so i am shar ke khuram Dastagir Saheb please praise whatever is there at this moment.

Brother, I must be wondering what might happen. This is because this radio is standing on my head Absolutely many people.

Quick Details Table:

Khurram Dastagir SahebNoon League1968
PTI CandidatePTI19334
Independent CandidateIndependent334, 680

Analysis of Competing Candidates:

The PTI candidate, while trailing behind Dastagir, remains a formidable contender, with a substantial voter base. Their 19334 votes reflect a strong support base within the constituency. Additionally, the independent candidate, Mohammad Mun, poses a potential threat to Dastagir’s lead, especially considering the combined votes from different polling stations, totaling 1014.

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