HEC Degree Attestation Fee (April 2024)

HEC Degree Attestation Fee HEC degree certification is mandatory for Pakistani citizens who intend to go abroad for higher education or employment.

To provide hassle-free services to Higher Education Degree (HEC) applicants, it has launched an online system for educational degree verification.

All applicants are requested to apply for “Degree Verification” at the web link https://eservices.he​c.gov.pk. After completing the online application, applicants are required to submit their application for preliminary examination. If the provisional/preliminary scrutiny of the application is successful, the applicant will be notified by HEC through SMS and email: to schedule their appointment (for urgent authorization only) or send their documents by courier.

Fee StructureNormal Verification (February 2024)Urgent Verification Update (February 2024)
Verification FeeRs. 1000 per original document <br> Rs. 700 per photocopyRs. 1000 per original document <br> Rs. 700 per photocopy
Expedited Service FeeN/ARs. 3000 per application in addition to verification fee

HEC offers two methods for degree verification

Walk-in Mode (For Urgent Applications Only): Under walk-in mode, an applicant can apply for degree verification by submitting himself or allowing any person to verify his documents on his/her behalf. get

(b) Authorized Mode of Courier Service (for all normal applications): Applicants residing abroad as well as in the country can send the documents for verification through the designated courier service where the courier company is responsible for verification. Responsible for processing and returning the documents to the applicant.

HEC Degree Verification Normal Fee February 2024

HEC has started online receipt of certification fee through 1-Link from 5th August 2023. Applicants must first pay the verification fee online through 1 link and verify the payment in their profile.

The attestation fee is Rs.1000 for each original document and Rs.700 for each photocopy.

HEC Urgent Degree Verification Fee Update February 2024

The Expedited Verification Service fee is Rs 3,000 per application in addition to the verification fee. This means the applicant will have to pay Rs 1000 for each original document attestation and Rs 700 for each photocopy separately.

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