Hajj Scheme Results Hajj Draw Result 11 July 2024

The Hajj Draw Result was announced today, 11 11 July 2024 30, , at 4 PM. Hajj Results Pakistan Candidate’s Names and Lists will be available on aiouenrollment.pk on 11 July 2024 29, .

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This website aiouenrollment.pk will also publish information about the successful candidates in the Motawif Hajj Draw Result . All candidates who applied for Hajj and are currently awaiting results can see their names and whether or not their names appear on the final Hajj Result lists.

The authorities will publicly announce Hajj Qurandazi late on 11 11 July 2024 30, . Religious Minister Aneeq Ahmed made a significant announcement on Wednesday, revealing that the much-anticipated Hajj Draw will occur on 11 July 2024 29 at 6 p.m. in Karachi.

Total Applications Received: 69,438

Selected Candidates: 63,805

Hajj Draw Result Pakistan

The outcome of the Hajj Draw for the year is scheduled to be disclosed on 11 July 2024 29, , at 4 PM. To access the results, individuals can visit the official website, Hajjinfo.org. The announcement, facilitated by the Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs, encompasses the computerized results of the Hajj Applications for the Draw, an initiative governed by the government.

Hajj Draw Waiting Merit List

For those eagerly awaiting the results, the Hajj Draw Waiting Merit List can be checked on the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) website at www.mora.gov.pk. The annual pilgrimage, a sacred duty for Muslims, has reached a crucial juncture, with Minister Aneeq Ahmed revealing the reception of over 66,000 applications for the regular Hajj scheme.

Draw DateAnnounced on 11 July 2024 29,
Applications Received69,438 (Government Scheme)
Applicants Selected63,805
Waiting List Size5,633
Waiting List OrderBased on the city of departure
Selection MethodRandom Draw
Results Check:Online: http://inquiry.hajjinfo.org/ – Mobile App: HajjInfo – SMS Notification
Further Selection:Unfilled slots may be offered to waiting list candidates if any selected Pilgrims withdraw.

The assertion of names for Hajj faced an utterly unique situation, leading the authorities to launch a waitlisted merit list because of unforeseen occasions that prevented a few people from creating a set-off decision. In dedication to fairness, those at the ready listing can participate in the holy journey.

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The Motawif Hajj Draw Result will be accessible online on 11 July 2024 28, . Applicants are endorsed to check their primary and organization facts, addressing any issues which include lacking organization individuals, wrong CNIC numbers, inadequate information, or other mistakes by contacting the respective bank department where they submitted their applications.

Stay updated on the new Hajj traits in Pakistan for via dependable information resources. Official channels offer critical bulletins, visa updates, and steerage from the government, ensuring a smooth pilgrimage. Trustworthy information is vital at some point in this sacred adventure.

While the closing date for Hajj packages has passed, be vigilant for destiny bulletins in case additional possibilities arise or for information on the subsequent Hajj season. Effective planning is vital for a hit pilgrimage.

If you’ve submitted a Hajj application for , you may look at your software popularity through specified online portals or by contacting the applicable government. Maintaining power and knowledge is critical throughout this stage, as processing times may vary.

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