General Election Duty List 2024 Announced

2024 General Election Job List

General Election Duty List: The Election Commission of Pakistan has released the list of voters assigned to election duties for the 2024 general elections on the 22nd. Training for polling officers such as Presiding Officers (POs), Assistant Presiding Officers (APOs) and Polling Officers, was organized by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has officially disclosed the General Election Duty List for Polling Officers in anticipation of the highly awaited 2024 elections. This significant document delineates the roles and responsibilities assigned to approximately one million poll workers, including presiding officers, deputy presiding officers, and polling officers.

By the constitutional mandate outlined in Article 218, these individuals assume a pivotal role in upholding the integrity, impartiality, and justice of the electoral process.

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List of Electoral Duties of Polling Officers
General Election Date8 February 2024
Election 2024 All employees10 lakhs Approximately
List of Presiding Officers, Deputy Presiding OfficersSee Here
List of General Election Duties of Polling OfficersSee Here
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General Election Duty List 2024

During the first phase, from December 26 to January 4, 2024, teachers were trained to serve as assistant presiding and polling officers. Election Commission representatives set up polling stations according to the polling plan.

There are two to four polling stations in each polling station. Find out here about the election workers who will be conducting elections in the 2024 general election.

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Details of poll workers for the 2024 general election

For General Election Duty List ECP is aware that people are unable to complete their assigned duties due to unforeseen events. You may apply for a waiver through the channels specified in your notice if you cannot attend for valid reasons, such as being out of town, having a medical emergency, or having religious obligations.

What are the duties of polling officers?

  • The Electoral Officer must verify that a voter has a valid National Identity Card and link the voter’s details and photograph to those listed in the voters’ list.
  • He calls out the voter’s name and serial number.
  • They are checking the cuticle on each voter’s right thumb to confirm whether they have cast their ballot or not.
  • The officer marks each voter’s right thumb with permanent ink.
  • Before taking them to the APO, he removes the voter’s name from the voter’s list.
  • He forms the team to perform any additional duties the PO or APO assigned to him.

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