FBISE 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet 11 July 2024

FBISE 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet have been announced Today 13 11 July 2024 . According to the Federal Board Matriculation Date Sheet , the first paper of English will start at the beginning 01 of 11 July 2024 . The FBISE Federal Board of Central and Secondary Education has announced the date of the 9th class examination.

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has released the date sheet for 9th and 10th class examinations on 11 11 July 2024 15, . According to the announcement, the first exam, English Compulsory-I, is scheduled for 11 11 July 2024 1, . This timely disclosure, a month ahead of the exams, allows students to adequately prepare for the upcoming assessments.

FBISE 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet


The FBISE exams start in 11 July 2024 as per the official date. The federal board has announced the class 9 date sheet a month before the final exams, informing the students who are waiting for it. It is necessary to announce the date sheet for the students to prepare themselves for the annual examination. Exam dates and other exam information are included in the Dates page.

Importance of Date Sheet Release

The timely publication of the date sheet by the FBISE is crucial for students to organize their study schedules effectively. By providing exam dates and other relevant information in advance, students can plan their revision strategies and focus on areas that need improvement.

Details of FBISE Matric Date Sheet

Here are the key details from the FBISE Matric Date Sheet :

TitleFederal Board Date Sheet
Date of Publication11 11 July 2024 13,
Start of Exams11 11 July 2024 1,
Classes Covered9th and 10th

Overview of Exam Schedule

The exam schedule encompasses a wide range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Urdu, General Science, Computer Science, and Islamic Studies, among others. Exams are spread out over several days to accommodate the different subjects and ensure students have ample time to prepare.

FBISE 9th and 10th class date sheet for

The release of the FBISE 9th and 10th class date sheet for provides students with a clear roadmap for their upcoming examinations. With the dates now available, students can focus on their studies and make the most of the remaining time before the exams commence. Proper planning and preparation are key to achieving success in these crucial assessments.

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This comprehensive overview ensures that students are well-informed about the exam schedule and emphasizes the importance of timely preparation.


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FBISE Matric Date Sheet will be declared today on 13th 11 July 2024 . You can check the complete date sheet of the Federal Public Service Commission.


FBISE Class 9th and 10th Date Sheet is scheduled to be released on 13th 11 July 2024 . Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Federal Exam Dates for 9th Class have been given. According to the official release, tests will begin in 11 July 2024 . Students who are waiting for the Federal Board Class 9 date sheet are aware that the exam date is announced one month before the final exam. The reason for publishing the date sheet is that students can prepare for the annual examination. The date sheet contains all the necessary information related to the examination.

Federal Board Matric Date Sheet

TitleFederal Board Date Sheet
The date sheet was published13 11 July 2024
From the beginning of the FBISE paper1 11 July 2024
Class name9th and 10th
FBISE Date SheetCheck online

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FBISE Matric Date Sheet

the datePaper
1-Mar-24English Compulsory – I (001English Compulsory-I (HIC) (201)
2-11 11 July 2024 -24General Mathematics II (614)Mathematics – II (HIC)(710)
4-11 11 July 2024 -24Urdu compulsory – I (002)Urdu Compulsory – I (HIC) (202)
5-11 11 July 2024 -241. Cosmetology (Hair and Beauty Services) – II (621)2. Introduction to Tourism – II (623)3. Applied Electronics – II (625)4. Applied Electronics – II (HIC) (825)5. Professional Cooking – II (630)6. Graphic Design – II (633)7. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System (I) II (635)8. Garment Making – II (639)9. Garment Making-II (HIC) (839)Internet of Things Software Development, II (640)
6-11 11 July 2024 -241. General Mathematics-I (114)2. Mathematics – I (HIC) (210)7-Mar-24 1. General Science-II (515)2. Computer Science II (HIC) (751)
8-11 11 July 2024 -241. Cosmetology (Hair and Beauty Services)-I (121)2. Introduction to Tourism-I (123)3. Applied Electronics – I (125)4. Applied Electronics – I (HIC) (325)5. Adaptation of HVACR-I (127)6. Professional Cookery-I (130)7. Introduction to Hotel Management-I (132)8. Graphic Design – I (133)9. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System (I)-I (135)10. Garment Making – I (139)11. Garment Making-I (HIC) (339)12. Internet of Things Hardware Development-I (141)
9-11 11 July 2024 -241. Pakistan Studies – II (606)2. Pakistan Studies – II (HIC) (806)
11-Mar-241. English Compulsory-II (501)2. English Compulsory-II (HIC) (701)
11 11 July 2024 12, 1. General Science-I (015)2. Computer Science-I (HIC) (251)
13-Mar-241. Compulsory Islam-II (608)2. Essential Islamic Studies – II (New) (618)3. Compulsory Islamic Studies – II (HIC) (8084. Ethics – II (638)
14-Mar-241. Esthetics (Hair and Beauty Services)-I (122)2. Tourism Management-I (124)3. Industrial Electronics – I (126)4. Industrial Electronics -I (HIC) (326)5. Fundamentals of HVACR-I (128)6. Basics of Cooking – I (129)7. Principles of Hotel Management-I (131)8. Media Production-I (134)9. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System (II)-I (136)10. Fashion Design – I (137)11. Fashion Design – I (HIC) (337)12. Internet of Things Software Development-I (140)
15-Mar-241. Urdu Compulsory- II (502)2. Urdu Compulsory-II (here) (702)
16-11 11 July 2024 -241. Pakistan Studies – I (106)2. Pakistan Studies-I (HIC) (306)
18-11 11 July 2024 -241. Compulsory Islam – First (Old) (108)2. Compulsory Islamiat-I (new) (118)3. Compulsory Islamic Studies – I (HIC) (308)4. Ethics – first (138)
19-11 11 July 2024 -241. Esthetics (Hair and Beauty Services) – II (622)2. Tourism Management – II (624)3. Industrial Electronics – II (626)4. Basics of Cooking – II (629)5. Media Production-II (634)6. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System (II)-II (636)7. Fashion Design – II (637)8. Internet of Things Hardware Development – II (641)9. Industrial Electronics – II (HIC) (826)10. Fashion Design – II (HIC) (837)
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