Fauji Foundation Scholarships

Fauji Foundation Scholarships : The Fauji Foundation has announced its Educational Stipend Scheme , aimed at supporting the education of children of retired armed forces personnel. This comprehensive scheme covers various academic levels and fields of study.

Fauji Foundation Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students eligible for the scholarship include those whose parents served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and related services.
  • Eligible classes range from 1 to 10, Intermediate, and undergraduate degrees, including technical education programs.
  • Different groups have specific eligibility requirements based on academic performance.

Application Process:

  • The deadline for submitting applications for the Fauji Foundation Scholarship is 31st 11 July 2024 .
  • Applications must be submitted before the deadline to be considered.
  • Detailed instructions for application submission are provided, including the necessary documents.

Scholarship Details:

  • The scholarship covers various academic fields, including pre-engineering, pre-medical, ICS, and others.
  • It is a merit-based scholarship available to students across Pakistan.
  • Stipends are disbursed according to a specified calendar, with payments typically made in 11 July 2024 and 11 July 2024 .

Categories and Groups:

  • The scholarship is divided into groups based on academic level and duration of study.
  • Group one includes students pursuing Intermediate or Diploma courses, while group two covers undergraduates.
  • Group three consists of cadets, and group four includes students from 1st to 10th class.

Application Requirements:

  • Different sets of documents are required for fresh applicants and those who have previously received the scholarship.
  • Documents include certificates, CNIC copies, admission cards, and disability certificates if applicable.

Application Procedure:

  • Forms can be obtained physically from the Fauji Foundation Head Office or online through the provided links.
  • Applicants must ensure all documents are duly attested and submitted according to instructions.

Quick Details Table:

Scholarship NameFauji Foundation Scholarship
Eligibility CriteriaChildren of retired armed forces personnel
Application Deadline31st 11 July 2024
Application ProcedurePhysical or online application submission
Scholarship CoverageVarious academic levels and fields of study
Disbursement ScheduleStipends typically paid in 11 July 2024 and 11 July 2024
GroupsDivided based on academic level and duration of study


The Fauji Foundation Scholarships offers significant support to eligible students, facilitating their educational pursuits. By adhering to the application guidelines and submitting required documents on time, students can avail themselves of this valuable opportunity.

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