Fafen Preliminary Review Report of Election 2024

Fafen Preliminary Review Report of Election: News will move forward, you will get the general exam. Initial review report from 2024 onwards Released chair person papan says 8 Country’s 5 crore Zaid Aarat on February Voted, Majeed will know from Zahid Mawani Majeed what is mentioned in Zahid report.

The report says that in the country two Elections were held after the ongoing chaos And from the side of the political world I am like this, right? Political gathering despite meeting and terrorism Took part in elections and political Elections despite cash from Zaman’s side.

The commission sued Intekhab Mashka and There was a lot of pressure and it was considered quite satash. Was given and said that it is the best in the country It was a big challenge to prepare for Ida Taiz and Taiz.

Whatever is going to happen with the announcement, the election is going to happen. There is no confidence in the country in this matter. The tour that was going on stopped and It is the responsibility of the political community that the country.

Quick Details Table

Report Release Date2024 onwards
CountryNot specified
Total Registered Voters5 crore (50 million)
Voting DateFebruary
Key IssuesPolitical gatherings, terrorism, financial irregularities
ChallengesPressure on Election Commission, lack of confidence
ConcernsTransparency, fairness
Actions NeededPrompt resolution by Election Commission
Electoral IrregularitiesFinancial misconduct, ballot paper discrepancies
Notable ObservationsHigh margin of victory in certain electoral circles

This report underscores the importance of addressing electoral irregularities and restoring public confidence in the electoral process.

I will ensure this work and political On the strength of the gathering and the candidates Election Commission needs to resolve it soon.

port was added and it was said that fin has Murin’s mouth in the country 5664 Naat Apne Jo Elkar Jo Hai Vo Deployed and Shafaf remained at the polling station.

But RO reached agreement on Shafaf in his office. Seen and there was no ban on murine but It was said that the probing officer of the firm 45 Copy 28 fee not to polling station mureen.

Gave more money to the birds in the RO office. Were not allowed to turn out of the country It was told that 48 i. e. 48 feet tons Out remained 16 lakh ballot papers and This Gujrat time also there were so many musters.

It was also said that Musarat in 25 circles Margin of votes by margin of victory Was more and record in elections The candidates who are there took part. ok zahid muwani thank you very much tafseel to warn.

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