Elections Result 2024: Here’s all you need to know about Form 45, 46, 47, 48 and Form 49

Islamabad: General elections will be held in Pakistan on February 8 under strict security measures.

In the electoral process, several forms are used to record the results of a constituency. Here we will try to examine the importance of several types that play an important role in the electoral process.

Form 45: This is commonly known as “Result of Enumeration”. Form 45 contains the necessary information about the polling station, including the number of the polling station, the name of the constituency, the total number of registered voters, the total votes cast, and a detailed analysis of the votes received by each candidate. .

Candidates can independently verify their votes obtained through Form 45.

Form 46: This form provides details of the number of ballot papers received at the polling station, the number of ballot papers from the polling booths, and the number of challenged, invalid and canceled ballot papers. Additionally, Form 46 includes information about any irregularities in the voting process.

Form 47: 47 contains the number of rejected votes and the distribution of votes for each candidate on the unofficial results of a constituency.

Form 48: Form 48 is very important in preparing election results as it contains the total number of votes cast for each candidate for a particular constituency.

Form 49: Form 49, also known as the registered form, contains the final and official election results.

It includes the names of the candidates, the names of their affiliated political parties and the total number of votes received in the constituencies.

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