Election Result 2024: 600,000 security personnel deployed across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: More than 600,000 security personnel have been deployed across Pakistan to maintain law and order during the 2024 elections, ARY News reported.

Voting began at 8:00 am today and will continue uninterrupted until 5:00 pm as more than 128 million voters elect their representatives to the National and Provincial Assemblies for the next five years in what looks set to be Pakistan’s first ever election. All are unexpected general elections. Political history

In order to maintain peace and order on the polling day, 600,000 security personnel, including the Pakistan Army, Civilian Armed Forces and Police, have been deployed in polling stations across the country. Meanwhile, 106,342 rapid response forces have also been deployed at the request of the Election Commission.

Out of the 600,000 security personnel in the country, 23,940 are from the Pakistan Army, 30,882 from the civilian armed forces, and 465,736 from the police.

Assisting the civil administration in elections, ensuring transparency in the electoral process and maintaining law and order.

Military forces will provide third level security outside the polling stations.

The police will be the first level, while the civilian armed forces will provide the second level of election security under the third level security plan.

It is worth noting that the Election Commission has classified 17,500 as highly sensitive, 32,508 as sensitive and 42,500 as normal out of a total of 92,500 polling stations in the country.

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