Big News: How to Uploading Assignments on Aagai LMS Portal

Amid assignment uploading season, students across various academic levels such as B.Ed, BS, and Master’s are encountering challenges with submitting their assignments on the Aagai LMS Portal. One prevalent issue is the inadvertent uploading of assignments meant for another student, which can lead to confusion and complications. When such errors occur, it is crucial for students to promptly address the issue to ensure accurate submission and assessment.

Identifying Assignment Upload Errors

One of the primary challenges faced by students is the accidental submission of assignments intended for another individual. This situation arises due to technical glitches or oversight during the uploading process. Upon realizing the error, students must take immediate steps to rectify the situation to prevent any adverse consequences.

Prompt Action and Solution Implementation

To address assignment upload errors, students should take proactive measures by contacting their respective tutors or instructors responsible for managing the assignments. Communicating directly with the tutor enables students to swiftly rectify the mistake and ensure the correct assignment is submitted within the stipulated timeframe.

Collaboration with Tutors for Resolution

Direct engagement with tutors is essential in resolving assignment upload discrepancies efficiently. By promptly notifying the tutor about the erroneous submission, students facilitate the process of reverting the assignment and uploading the correct version. Effective communication with tutors fosters collaboration and ensures timely resolution of issues.

Timely Reversion of Incorrect Assignments

Upon receiving notification from students regarding upload errors, tutors should promptly initiate the process of reverting the incorrect assignment. Taking swift action within 24 hours demonstrates the tutor’s commitment to resolving the issue and mitigating any potential disruptions to the assessment process.

Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance

After correcting the assignment, we advise students to review and verify the accuracy of the uploaded assignment before submitting it.

This step is crucial in ensuring compliance with assignment guidelines and maintaining the integrity of the assessment process.

Announcement: Upcoming Admissions for BA, B.Com, BS, B.Ed Freshers

Additionally, we have made an important announcement regarding upcoming admissions for BA, B.Com, BS, and B.Ed freshers. We will commence continuous admissions for these programs in 11 11 July 2024 . We will communicate further details regarding the admission process and available programs through a forthcoming video update.

Quick Details Table:

Assignment Upload Issues and Solutions– Identification of upload errors
– Prompt action and solution implementation
– Collaboration with tutors for resolution
– Timely reversion of incorrect assignments
Announcement: Upcoming Admissions for Freshers– Admissions open for BA, B.Com, BS, B.Ed freshers from 11 11 July 2024
– Continuous admissions process
– Further details to be provided through a forthcoming article update


In conclusion, addressing assignment upload issues on platforms like the Aagai LMS Portal requires proactive communication and collaboration between students and tutors. By promptly identifying and rectifying errors, students can ensure the integrity of the assessment process and uphold academic standards.

Furthermore, prospective students can anticipate exciting opportunities as BA, B.Com, BS, and B.Ed admissions for freshers are forthcoming, with further details to be communicated through upcoming article updates. Overall, timely resolution of challenges and informed decision-making are essential for a successful academic journey. Protection Status