America Big Statement on Election Result Of Pakistan

Decision on the fate of Pakistan’s Mustaqbil Pakistani people have to do our Interested in Pakistan’s Jamhoor Amal America’s investigation into Pakistan is underway Radde Amal Naib Tarjuma Amraki Mahkam Khwaja Vidan Patel has said that during the elections.

The future generations give us freedom Polling is focused on the ban on expression Even with daily internet and telephone restrictions Tashvi was expressed against Pakistan Pakistan’s decision on Mustaqbil’s fate.

The people have to show our interest in Pakistan The crowd is in action, what did they say? make the Nazarene listen Here is another result of PS 100 Karachi MKM’s Mohammad Usman is from Peoples has succeeded with 2197 votes.

Haider Ali of the party Ranked second with 15241 votes Mohammad Usman of PS 100 Karachi MKM from here Pakistan has succeeded with 2970 votes Haider Ali of People’s Party who If you are at second position with 15241 votes then.

This is another result on your television screen PS 100 of Karachi from here to MQM Mohammed Usman is Taking lead from here with 2197 votes.

116 polling stations are visible Complete loss of all polling stations NON GOVERNMENTAL NATAIPGET Mohammed Osman is He was successful from here with 2970 votes.

While representatives of Pakistan Peoples Party second place here Another result is PS 96’s Karachi seat. Mohammad is the independent candidate from here. Awaaz who was successful with 1699 7 votes.

Mohammed Sharjeel of People’s Party Humayun is A big one is at second place with 6683 votes. Margin is here PS 96 Karachi’s Yeh The seat is held by independent candidate Mohammad Awais. Successful from here by taking 1699 7 votes.

And Mohammad of Pakistan Peoples Party Sharjeel is Humayun who One is at second place with 6683 votes. There is a huge margin and a total of 88 polling stations.

These are the results which are non-existent PS 96 is delivering government results to you. This seat of Karachi is Azad candidate Mohammad Awais was successful with 16000 997 votes.

Mohammad Sharjeel of People’s Party is Humayun who At second place here with 6683 votes Whereas here from the side of independent candidate PS is seen taking lead from 96 Azad candidate Mohammad is the ruin of Karachi Avais which 1699 succeeded with 7 votes.

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