Aiou Cms Account Big Update ((April 2024)

The recent updates from Allama Iqbal University cover various aspects including admissions, results, degree ordering, CMS portal usage, and more. The university emphasizes the importance of updating email IDs for accessing the Learning Management System (LMS) and CMS portal passwords.

Previously, users could request passwords via email, but now the university requires updating email IDs or using a family member’s email along with the submission of necessary documents. This process aims to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the university warns against transactions with unregistered centres, stressing that they won’t be responsible for any issues arising from such transactions.

Students must follow the updated procedures to ensure smooth access to CMS and LMS platforms.

Allama Iqbal University Updates:

AdmissionsUpdates on admission procedures
ResultsInformation about result announcements
Degree OrderingInstructions for ordering degrees
CMS PortalGuidelines for accessing the CMS portal
LMS PasswordProcess for obtaining passwords for the Learning Management System (LMS)

Importance of Updating Email IDs:

  • Security Enhancement: Requiring updated email IDs aims to bolster security measures.
  • Prevention of Unauthorized Access: The university aims to prevent unauthorized access to CMS and LMS platforms.
  • Submission of Necessary Documents: Students are required to submit necessary documents along with updated email IDs for password retrieval.

Transactions Warning:

  • Unregistered Centers: The university warns against transactions with unregistered centres.
  • Disclaimer: The university won’t be responsible for any issues arising from transactions with unregistered centres.

Instructions for Accessing CMS and LMS:

  • Document Submission: Submission of necessary documents including national identity cards and photographs.
  • Authorized Transactions: Transactions must be carried out only through registered centres listed on the university’s website.


Students of Allama Iqbal University need to adhere to the updated procedures for accessing CMS and LMS platforms to avoid disruptions in their educational journey. Keeping email IDs updated, submitting necessary documents, and transacting only through registered centres are crucial steps outlined by the university to ensure smooth access and security for students. Protection Status