NA 113 Sheikhupura šŸ”“LIVE: GENERAL ELECTIONS 2024 | RESULTS UPDATES | NA 113 Sheikhupura

The unofficial results for the NA 113 Sheikhupura election reveal E. Ahmad Atiq from the Noon League as the victor with 11,407 votes, while independent candidate Rahat Amanullah secured 9,872 votes. These figures are not officially declared by the government but provide insights into the outcome of the election.

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Winner and Runner-up

  • Winner: E. Ahmad Atiq (Noon League) with 11,407 votes.
  • Runner-up: Rahat Amanullah (Independent) with 9,872 votes.

Detailed Analysis

E. Ahmad Atiq’s victory with a significant margin indicates strong support for the Noon League in NA 113 Sheikhupura. The candidate’s ability to secure over 11,000 votes underscores the party’s influence and effectiveness in the region’s political landscape. Conversely, Rahat Amanullah’s loss suggests a weaker electoral performance for independent candidates, highlighting the challenges they face in garnering support compared to established political parties.

Significance of Results

These unofficial results offer valuable insights into the dynamics of electoral competition in Sheikhupura. They reflect the preferences of voters and provide an early indication of political trends in the constituency. While the outcomes are subject to official confirmation, they serve as an initial benchmark for analyzing the distribution of electoral support and the performance of competing candidates.


In conclusion, the unofficial results for NA 113 Sheikhupura depict E. Ahmad Atiq’s victory from the Noon League and Rahat Amanullah’s defeat as an independent candidate. These results shed light on the prevailing political landscape in the constituency and offer a preliminary understanding of voter preferences. However, it is essential to await official confirmation to ascertain the final outcome of the election.

Quick Details Table

CandidateParty AffiliationVotes
E. Ahmad AtiqNoon League11,407
Rahat AmanullahIndependent9,872
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