Summary of Election Results for PS 43 Sangal

In the recent election for PS 43 Sangal, the People’s Party candidate, Paras Dero, emerged victorious with 6,785 votes, securing a narrow victory margin of just one vote.

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The opposing candidate, Niaz Hussain of GDA (Grand Democratic Alliance), trailed behind in second place with 2,869 votes.

This outcome marks a significant win for the People’s Party in this constituency. However, it’s important to note that these results are highly unofficial at this stage.

Despite this, Paras Dero managed to garner strong support, totaling 67,851 votes, while Niaz Hussain of GTA (presumably Grand Tehrik-e-Insaf) secured the second position.

These initial results indicate a clear lead for the People’s Party in PS 43 Sangal, pending official confirmation.

Election Results for PS 43 Sangal

Paras DeroPeople’s Party6,785
Niaz HussainGDA2,869


  • Paras Dero of the People’s Party secured victory with 6,785 votes, winning by a single vote.
  • Niaz Hussain of GDA stood in second place with 2,869 votes.
  • Paras Dero received a total of 67,851 votes, indicating significant support from the electorate.

Key Takeaways:

  • The People’s Party gains ground in PS 43 Sangal.
  • Official confirmation of results is pending, as the current results are unofficial.
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