The election outcome at PS 86 Malir in Karachi saw Abdul Razzaq Raja of the Karachi Peoples Party securing victory with 151,5017 votes, defeating Mohammad of the Muslim League Noon who obtained 6633 votes, with 1517 votes included. This victory underscores Abdul Razzaq Raja’s success representing the People’s Party, despite facing competition from the Noon League.

Election Outcome at PS 86 Malir, Karachi:

Abdul Razzaq Raja emerged victorious in the assembly election held at PS 86 Malir in Karachi. He represented the Karachi Peoples Party and obtained a total of 151,5017 votes.

Competitor Performance:

Mohammad, representing the Muslim League Noon, secured 6633 votes in the election. Notably, this count included 1517 votes.

Significance of Victory:

Abdul Razzaq Raja’s triumph is significant as it highlights the success of the People’s Party in PS 86 Malir, Karachi, despite facing competition from the Noon League.

Quick Details:

Election LocationPS 86 Malir, Karachi
Winning CandidateAbdul Razzaq Raja
Winning PartyKarachi Peoples Party
Total Votes Cast151,5017
Runner-up PartyMuslim League Noon
Runner-up Votes6633 (including 1517 from PS 86 Malir)


The victory of Abdul Razzaq Raja in the assembly election at PS 86 Malir, Karachi, signifies the support garnered by the Karachi Peoples Party in the region, despite facing opposition from the Muslim League Noon. This outcome underscores the dynamics of political competition in the area and the preferences of the electorate.

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