You have the second one; I will tell you about the second one. So the situation of Mirj family is also similar in that. Arbab of People’s Party is not good. Amanullah 639 votes three polling stations. Combined Miraj family is behind this.

People’s Party ahead 639 votes Pakistan. People’s Party Hasnain Ali Mirza Zulfikar. Mirj Saheb’s Sahebzaade Hai has only 12 votes. Three polling stations only but only 12. Votes 12 against 639. I would like to see in some circles of Dehi Sin.

Because here this time it’s the Mirage family. She gives some dent to the People’s Party or. No, this is one of the few circles in Sindh Peoples where competition is expected. Who else forgets the party? Could it be that Asif Ali Zardari was friendly? Saheb’s and Zulfikar Mirz Saheb’s again.

What a strange episode that was! There was a zero bomb in the politics of Pakistan and kya press conference bang khej press. Conferences every day every moment every breaking The news will surprise you in future.

I remember first i.e. Faddl. When Shahi Sad Saheb reached towards Shahi Syed Zulfikar Mirza Saheb Shahi had gone towards Sad Saheb was the leader of NPCI and he used to say that He holds MKM responsible for the killing. Zulfikar Mirza Saheb Home was there. He was a minister and he used dangerous press.

Talked to him after which he got upset again today. That royal gentleman is sitting with MK Zulfikar Mirza Saheb is not with the people. Full picture of Zardari Saheb from the party The boat itself is different and what about Quran Majeed? Press conferences and who forgets anyway? Maybe that time but this is Pakistan Anyway, this is the politics of democracy.

Now this is a good sir bust. Tell me, this is the episode of PP 9. It’s been nagging for two minutes. but you prepare people what you tell me the result about whom are you going to tell. But till now the situation is still a little better.

The pleasure has increased since the beginning and again may Allah decide for Lahu Pakistan For the people of Pakistan prove to be better for years to come. Inshallah, you all have done your share.

You guys did your job and came out to cast your vote. Now it is clear who are the Mutalik people Mutalik Afraad Hain Mutalik Idar Hain they have to work every day NativeScript will go and what to expect Surat tak waj should be done tonight itself. will happen should happen

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