The recent Syn Assembly election saw Mohammad Ismail of the People’s Party emerge victorious with 39,849 votes. This summary highlights key details of the election outcome and provides an analysis of the results.

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Election Outcome

Mohammad Ismail secured a significant lead with 39,849 votes, securing his victory in the election. His closest competitor, Ameer Hasan of the GDA, trailed behind with only 2,429 votes, illustrating a substantial margin of victory for Ismail.

Candidate Performance

Mohammad Ismail’s success can be attributed to his widespread support across the constituency, as evidenced by his victory in 121 out of all polling stations. This widespread support indicates a strong mandate from the electorate for his candidacy.

Government Result Analysis

The election outcome reflects a decisive win for the People’s Party, as their candidate, Mohammad Ismail, emerged victorious with a considerable margin over the opposition. This result underscores the party’s popularity and support among voters in the Syn Assembly constituency.


In conclusion, the Syn Assembly election witnessed Mohammad Ismail of the People’s Party secure a convincing victory, garnering widespread support from voters across the constituency. The outcome signifies a clear mandate for the People’s Party and underscores the importance of effective campaigning and voter outreach in electoral success.

Quick Details
Winner: Mohammad Ismail (People’s Party)
Votes Received: 39,849
Runner-up: Ameer Hasan (GDA)
Runner-up Votes: 2,429
Polling Stations Won: 121
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