Another result of Sindh Assembly and this is PS 40 Sagar ki Nishi from here GDA i. e. that the slaves of the Grand Democratic Alliance Dastgir Non-government is successful with 56 354 votes According to the results, Naveer of People’s Party Dero has He has taken 52923 votes and thus he is at second position.

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And Ghulam Dagir of GDA has won this. nishi PS 40 Sagar of Sindh with 56354 votes Nishus of the Grand Democratic Alliance Gair Admi Gair has gone to the candidate All levels of polling according to government results According to the stations of the People’s Party Candidate failed to win this election.


Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA)Ghulam Dastagir56,354
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)Naveer Dero52923

In the recent election for PS 40 Sagar Ki Nishi constituency in the Sindh Assembly, the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) emerged victorious with their candidate Ghulam Dagir securing 5,635 votes.

The People’s Party candidate, Naveer Dero, came in second with 5,292 votes. This victory signifies a success for GDA in the region, as their candidate garnered the majority of votes.

The turnout at all polling stations was significant, indicating active participation in the democratic process.

The GDA candidate’s win reflects a shift in political dynamics in the area, with GDA gaining traction among voters. However, the People’s Party candidate’s inability to secure the win highlights the competitive nature of the election.

These results demonstrate the diverse political landscape within the Sindh region and the importance of electoral participation.

Election Results Overview

  • Winner: Ghulam Dagir (GDA)
  • Runner-up: Naveer Dero (PPP)
  • Total Votes: 56,354

The election outcome underscores the significance of political alliances and campaigning strategies in influencing voter decisions.

GDA’s success in PS 40 Sagar Ki Nishi constituency adds to their political standing in the region, while the People’s Party faces the challenge of regaining support.

The detailed breakdown of votes and candidates provides valuable insights into the electoral process and voter preferences, contributing to a better understanding of the political landscape in Sindh.

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