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The outcome indicates that according to unofficial reports, Punjab Assembly’s constituency PP 133 Nanka witnessed Independent candidate Mohammad Atif emerging victorious with 456337 votes, surpassing his rival Rana Mohammad Arshad Mate of Muslim League Noon who secured 4250 votes, landing him in second place.

The competition between them was evident, with Atif leading by a margin of 4563 votes. This unofficial tally comprises 164 polling stations, providing a comprehensive overview of the electoral outcome.


ConstituencyPP 133 Nanka, Punjab Assembly
Winning CandidateMohammad Atif (Independent)
Votes ReceivedAtif: 456337; Mate: 4250
Margin of VictoryAtif leads Mate by 4563 votes
Rival CandidateRana Mohammad Arshad Mate (Muslim League Noon)
Polling StationsResults from 164 polling stations
StatusUnofficial report
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