PP 90 Bhakkar is the leader of Punjab Assembly. From where the supporters of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf come from Irfan is Yafta independent candidate Ullah Khan Niazi He was declared successful by taking 4957 votes. While independent candidate Ahmed Nawaz Khan is 43

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He stood second with 692 votes. PP Nave Bhakkar is the leader of Punjab Assembly. From where the members of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf Yafta candidate Irfanullah Khan Niazi Was declared successful by taking 4957 votes

Summary of PP 90 Bhakkar Election Results

Quick Details:

Election ConstituencyPP 90 Bhakkar
Winning CandidateIrfanullah Khan Niazi (Independent)
Votes Obtained43957
Runner-up CandidateAhmed Nawaz Khan (Independent)
Runner-up Votes43692

The Punjab Assembly constituency PP 90 Bhakkar witnessed a significant electoral contest in which Irfanullah Khan Niazi emerged victorious as an independent candidate. This summary provides a concise overview of the election outcome and key details regarding the candidates and their respective vote counts.

Irfanullah Khan Niazi secured victory in the PP 90 Bhakkar constituency by obtaining a total of 4957 votes, thus emerging as the leader of the Punjab Assembly from this region. His success is notable, especially considering the strong presence of supporters from the Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf party in this area.

Irfanullah Khan Niazi, running as an independent candidate, showcased remarkable performance by garnering a significant number of votes, ultimately leading to his success in the election. In contrast, Ahmed Nawaz Khan, another independent candidate, secured the second position with a substantially lower count of 692 votes.

The victory of Irfanullah Khan Niazi underscores the influence and support garnered by independent candidates in the PP 90 Bhakkar constituency. Additionally, it highlights the competitive nature of electoral politics in Punjab, where candidates from various political backgrounds vie for representation in the provincial assembly.

The outcome of the PP 90 Bhakkar election reflects the diverse political landscape of Punjab, characterized by the emergence of independent candidates alongside established party affiliations. Irfanullah Khan Niazi’s triumph as the leader of the Punjab Assembly from this constituency signifies the dynamic nature of democratic processes and the importance of grassroots-level engagement in electoral politics.

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