The outcome from PK2 chiral where an Independent candidate, Fateh Al Malik, attained success with 510 votes, and PPP’s Salim Khan garnered 22995 votes, securing the second position.

Shifting attention to PK, the results from Chitral reveal Fateh Al Malik as the victorious independent candidate with 2851 votes, while Salim Khan of PPP secured 22995 votes, placing second.

Moving to PP 136 Sheikhupura, Hasan Riaz clinched victory with 5215 votes, and Umar Aftab, an independent candidate supported by Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf, ranked second with 3853 votes.

The unofficial result of PP 136 Sheikhupura positioned Ehsan Riaz from Nooli at the top with 5215 votes, with Umar Aftab following closely with 3853 votes. In PP 202 Sahiwal, Rana Riyaz from Noon League secured victory with 4470 votes,

while independent candidate Waheed Asghar attained 4072 votes. Similarly, in PP 202 Sahiwal, Noon League’s Rana Riaz succeeded with 4470 votes, and independent candidate Waheed Asghar secured 4072 votes.

PP 136 Sheikhupura

Hasan Riaz5215
Umar AftabIndependent (PTI)3853

Unofficially, Ehsan Riaz from Nooli secured the top position with 5215 votes, followed by Umar Aftab with 3853 votes.

PP 202 Sahiwal

Rana RiyazNoon League4470
Waheed AsgharIndependent4072

Rana Riyaz from the Noon League won with 4470 votes, while Waheed Asghar, an independent candidate, secured 4072 votes.


The electoral outcomes in various constituencies showcase a mix of results. Independent candidates, like Fateh Al Malik and Umar Aftab, have demonstrated strong performances in PK2 and PP 136 Sheikhupura, respectively. Additionally, party-affiliated candidates, such as Salim Khan of PPP in PK2 and Rana Riyaz from Noon League in PP 202 Sahiwal, have also secured victories. These results indicate a diverse political landscape with both independent and party-supported candidates garnering significant voter support.

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