Please tell us what result we will get next. N 122 is also very important and light of Lahore which you are very interested in expression of Karb Ba Muqabla Latif Khosa Saheb Muslim League Khwaja Saad Rafiq of Noon with 1250 votes.

Here are the results of two polling stations ahead. According to this, this is the second update of this light. And here is Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf Himayat Yafta Latif Khosa Saheb 847 votes.

Taking second place but leading Khawaja Saad Rafiq NA of Muslim League Noon 122 Big ego Halka and Latif in Lahore Khosa Saheb is now at number two here more or less. There is a difference of 400 votes between two polling stations. He is a voter of and he has to see this big thing. Yes, yes, tell me, I am here.

Had to ask whether we are in Karachi Defense. This is very important in voting. The defense area of ​​Lahore is in this. It comes, it comes, yes, okay and this is the last one. There is a lot of time and it always means. This is what Muslim League Noon means: The rest around us are ours. Vote out if you fall short in defense.

So it will be interesting to see because it is obvious. What is the politics of the posh areas? And in comparison to the slightly less developed Yafta area.

What is the politics there and things like this? If the rest of the world explains this then I am also interested in a little bit of this too 152.

The polling stations should come a little more. So you are right that it is possible exactly four or five pollings on one side station and the second result at all

Quick Details:

CandidateVotes Obtained
Latif Khosa (PTI)847
Khawaja Saad Rafiq1250
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