The results of the Qaumi Assembly election for Nishi NA 46 Islamabad have been announced, with Anju, a lawyer from the area, emerging victorious with 8,195 votes under the Noon League banner. An independent candidate from Tehreek Insaf, Aamir Masood, secured the second position with 44,317 votes. Akil Khan of the Muslim League Noon also attained victory.

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Detailed Summary:

In the recent election held for the Qaumi Assembly constituency of Nishi NA 46 Islamabad, the outcome has been disclosed. Anju, a legal practitioner hailing from the area, has secured triumph with 8,195 votes representing the Noon League. On the other hand, Aamir Masood, contesting independently under the banner of Tehreek Insaf, clinched the second position with a notable count of 44,317 votes. Akil Khan, affiliated with the Muslim League Noon, also emerged victorious in the electoral contest.

Quick Details:

AnjuNoon League8,195
Aamir MasoodIndependent (PTI)44,317
Akil KhanMuslim League Noon

This election witnessed a diverse range of candidates vying for the position, reflecting the vibrant political landscape of the region. Anju’s victory underlines the support garnered by the Noon League in Nishi NA 46 Islamabad, while Aamir Masood’s substantial vote count signifies the presence of competitive independent candidates. Akil Khan’s success adds another dimension to the electoral dynamics, showcasing the influence of the Muslim League Noon in the constituency. The results signify the culmination of a democratic process where voters have exercised their right to elect their representatives for the Qaumi Assembly, shaping the future trajectory of governance in the region.

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