We present to you the first of Karachi’s light NA 236. This shows the results of the first polling station. He is light who’s at some polling stations.

Today polling started when Pakistan. Polling ends in the remaining polling stations. It was going to happen after some time at around 320.

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Quick Details Table:

Polling CommencementOngoing polling across NA 236 in Karachi, with initial results from one station.
Previous Election ResultsKhan Sahib Ali Raza Abdi’s victory noted; Alamgir Saheb emerged as a contender.
Current DevelopmentsConcerns over delayed polling and its potential impact on result timing.
Candidate DetailsAlamgir Saheb’s unique campaign strategy involves brinjal distribution.
Brinjal DistributionAlamgir Saheb’s unique campaign strategy involving brinjal distribution.

Quick Details:

Hassan Sabir (Winner)38,817MQM-P
Muhammad Muzammil Qureshi32,231PPP
Muhammad Osama Razi Khan21,082JIP
Muhammad Luqman2,107TLP
Perveen Bashir1,574PML-N

Polling started here here Khan Sahib Ali Raza Abdi had won in the last election. Saheb Maram from those who were martyred. Big 40 won by 5 votes and then.

After that, when re-election took place here, Alamgir gave ticket to Saheb and then Alamgir Saheb also won. The lead got reduced but Gulshan won with a force. It is a big area, so far the first polling has taken place here.

The station is just a matter of course, the fees have started now. This has happened since the late polling started here. If so then how can the result start soon? If possible, Alamgir Saheb is here right now. What is brinjal?

What is this? They divide brinjal. He also helped people in his recruitment campaign. Gave one kilo of brinjal to every house. Ok Sir Brinjal 208 This is for you. I am not telling you the rates, i.e. brinjal. The exam mark of Alamgir Khan Saheb 208.

Votes and Usama Razi Saheb of Jamaat Ilam. This candidate is very famous and famous. 46 for them but this is just the. Let’s watch the beginning and guess. Maybe if we get an hour or two let people see.

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